Marinho debuts with the single ‘Ghost Notes' and announces an upcoming album ~ (read ‘tilde’).

Marinho is pleased to share ‘​Ghost Notes’​ today. A debut single and statement of intent that slowly reveals itself to be her own emotionally intense take on modern day

romance and making amends with past and future loves.

Recorded at ​Black Sheep Studios​, mastered by ​Philip Shaw Bova (Marlon Williams, Feist, Andy Shauf) and constructed from the simplicity of the roots of American folk music, ‘Ghost Notes’ summons undefined emotions, compromised transformations,

and contorted romances indistinguishable from the singer's personal reality. It’s

lush, almost cinematic feel portrays someone that, for the first time, falls

in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. When reality

doesn’t collaborate, those feelings are lived out only in dreams.

The single has emerged just in time for this

year’s ​International Women’s Day​.


Marinho explains:

“​The writing of this song and album coincided with my growing feminist side as I felt inspired by a lot of women that pick up their guitars to do the same. Representation is very important to me and played a key role in my willingness to make music, so releasing ‘Ghost Notes’ on Women’s Day just resulted in a cosmic coincidence that really made sense to me.”

Her new single comes accompanied by a video made by up and coming Portuguese director Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro. Filmed at various local haunts, it depicts her at home with scenes synonymous with her day to day life in and around her native Lisbon, in Portugal.

Marinho, ​moniker of Filipa Marinho, was born in Lisbon and raised in front of the TV.

This meant plenty of early exposure to Cartoon Network and mid-90's movies, as

well as a growing intimacy with Hollywood’s views on love, relationships and

overall human nature.

Now, as a young adult, she tries to come to terms with what lies between overly romanticized expectations and real non-sitcom life. Resolutions come in

the form of indie folk songs which she has written and assembled

over the years. These same songs will be collected

on her debut album ​~​ (​read​ ‘tilde’), which is set

for release in the fall of 2019.

Marinho's ‘Ghost Notes’ will be released everywhere digitally this ​March 8th through London founded record label ​Street Mission Records.



Marinho - Ghost Notes

Marinho - Ghost Notes

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