“Heart of Life" was the first taste of this new album from the Iceage frontman 

Elias Bender Rønnenfelt.

At first we predict that the anxiety and explosive feeling of this melodic song will bring an album with a lot of phases, powerful lyrics, sadness, rage and that bohemian taste that each member of Marching Church wants to express and spit

in this well moulded epic album.

Saxophones, rusty vocals, great guitars, sensual pianos and very great song arrangements, makes of this new album, one of the best of 2016 so far.


Rønnenfelt is back to provoke, his leadership and presence on stage as in his music is guarantee of surprices but also of quality, all the passion he gives in every song is more than admirable and TELLING IT LIKE IT IS is the proof of how hard it is to arrive at that point to be unique.


"Let It Come Down" starts with a delightful guitar solo and Rønnefelt's melancholic voice that together goes in crescendo until the chorus explote to define this master piece in one of the gems of the album.

Percussions and a shy quiet piano prepares the field for the second track 

"Up For Days" suddenly from nowhere the leader and his band shakes our minds with a powerful orchestral sound.

 You can find two meanings of the word "swagger" one that talks about carrying yourself in a confident manner while the other is about carrying yourself in a loud, arrogant and boastful manner this is "Heart of Life".

Bass and saxophones in a rainy day, smoking a cigarette at the door of an old dirty bar "Inner City Pigeon" a song about self esteem and faith.

"Lion’s Den" is a ritual, conjuring in a perfect time and rhythm an hypnotic way to embrace you into their world.

Now comes the time to wind down "Florida Breeze" has that capacity to transport us into other time and space, the amazing palette of sounds, echoes mixed with a substancial dosis of emotion, no comments, just amazing.

"2016" gives us some exquisite riffs of guitar, drums hitting the wall along the desperate screams of Elias.

"Achilles Heel" the weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall. The rhythm of this song is leaded by a magnificent bass and percussions following the incredible vocals who seems will never disappear.

With a swing and jazzy feeling "Information" is one of the most elaborate and complete songs from the album, marks the band, a committed and devoted works they ever done.

For the great finale the tender song "Calenture" a beautiful song, blues and chorus with sweet harmonicas, a superb doleful sounds of a resonator guitar.

From the beginning to the end TELLING IT LIKE IT IS is Marching Church's

masterpiece and it is a delight to hear.

TELLING IT LIKE IT IS is out now via Sacred Bones Records.

The band this year is comprised of Rønnenfelt and frequent collaborator at Iceage, his bandmate Johan S. Weith at the electric viola & guitar, Lower’s rhythm section of Kristian Emdal bass & Anton Rothstein at the drums, Jakob Emil Lamdahl (trumpet) & Hand of Dust’s Bo Høyer Hansen with the guitar. Augmenting these sessions are Maaike Van der Linde (flute) and Thora Sveinsdottir (strings) of the Stargaze Orchestra, and the Choir of Young BelieversSonja La Bianca (saxophone), all coordinated with overall production by Escho’s Nis Bysted.






Telling It Like It Is track list:

1. Let It Come Down
2. Up For Days
3. Heart of Life
4. Inner City Pigeon
5. Lion’s Den

6.Florida Breeze
7. 2016
8. Achilles Heel
9. Information
10. Calenture

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