Announces the release of 'Children Of The Slump' via Géographie

For those of you who payed particular attention, you must remember Marble Arch’s name, who was one of the ten french artists of Saint Laurent Paris 2015 Session’s photographic series, organised by the music-lover and fashion designer Hedi Slimane. At the time, among La Femme or Melody’s Echo Chamber, Yann Le Razavet wasn’t the most famous, but the man behind Marble Arch was already a promising French pop artist. Even if the first album made a mark on minds, for the singer-songwriter it was only an exercise of « bedroom pop ». By the way, he even considered his alias as a personal project more than a scenic one. 


Named after the white marble monument located on the West end of Oxford Street, Marble  Arch’s second album is long-considered, made with more economic contingencies than artistic difficulties - whence the Title ‘Children Of The Slump’.


In the meantime, Yann Le Razavet thought about his new LP musical color and sound options, as he wanted to be labeled neither as shoegaze nor dream-pop. Thus, we would more likely define his music as reverberant pop (Reminiscence), synth-pop (Instant Love), nostalgic pop (Moonstruck) and contemplative pop (Gold). 

Talking about the album, Marble Arch says:


« I think of Children Of The Slump as my actual first album, as my previous album was more a collection of demos. »


To outline a comparison with the heady and vaporous Marble Arch’s musical repertoire, what appears spontaneously is groups as The Radio Dept., Slowdive, The Wake and Deerhunter because of their pop melodies and sharp guitars. During the two years of the process of writing (summed up by « from laughter to tears » in the last track of the album),  Yann Le Razavet coloured his taste for melancholy like he did with the color of the roses on the grey Mercedes, in the pastel album cover. First reference of Géographie Label, founded by Nicolas Jublot (Point Éphémère, Hello Acapulco) and Rémi Laffitte (Atelier Ciseaux), Children Of The Slump is already one of the most expected album of early 2019. 





marble arch – Children of The Slump

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