Release the third single “Use Me” from forthcoming debut album

Makk Mikkael is a passionate artist and singer whose melodies, soul-awakening lyrics, and dedication to self-empowerment have earned her the reputation as a visionary up-and-coming leader across Toronto, with acclaim from renowned artists like Major Lazer.

Originally hailing from Calgary, Makk’s passion for songwriting began early on in her life.

By the time she was 14, she did a country album under Mackenzie Rose. Just three years later,

she ventured out to Los Angeles for a year, where she lived with Kiesza, Jenna Andrews, and

Ron Perry and had a studio sessions with Felix Snow. She also had the opportunity to work

with JordanXL who produced Mike Posner’s album and a multitude of other creative minds.

Currently, at just 19 years of age, Makk is as ambitious as ever.

“Use Me” by Makk Mikkael has a dark edgy twist to it that pulls you in.

“Initially my producer and I were feeling the production done for the 50 shades of grey soundtrack. I wrote the track with a friend who's an

amazing songwriter and we started with the typical guy/girl, partying

vibe but the message transitioned more into a girl being addicted to

drugs, specifically heroin. With that visual the song basically wrote

itself and told a story.

“She keeps coming back for more it’s always there she always needs it,

it’s toxic but she’ll never be free from it”.

“Use Me” is the most commercial sounding song I’ve released this far in

my career. The new stuff on the album has it’s own feel.

Still super dark but I’m experimenting with different sounds, elements

and emotions, which I like.


The third single “Use Me” released by Mikkael will be off her debut album which is set to

release sometime in 2019.



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