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Copenhagen based Jenny Rossander, an electronic producer, composer, singer, writer and general troublemaker, is about to release her new solo album “I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story”, a multi-layered piece of modern electronic pop music.

In her sounds and with her words, Rossander captures a reflective description ofher surroundings and invites the listener to follow her on a very personal journey.

“I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story” out September 28th on the label  HFN Music is a rite of passage captured in intense moments experienced on the edge of the world and on the edge of one self. 

Lydmor lived in Shanghai for several months in 2016 and the Chinese metropolis inspired her to completely redefine her artistic expression.

Brooding introspective impulses collide on “I Told You I'd Tell Them Our Story” with bit-crushing cascades of whirling synths to build an electronic soundscape rich of details and nuances. Lydmor’s captivating and refined talent for metaphorical and descriptive lyrics as well as her strong voice result in songs full of catchy hook lines.

Lydmor -  二 Money Towers

Bizzarre: A perfect day for you is...?
Lydmor: It has to start with a long morning. I adore long mornings! Sitting in your window drinking coffee, daydreaming, fiddling with things, reading a few articles. I wish all mornings could be long mornings.

B: A person (famous or not) that have inspired you in your life? Why that person?
L: I am very inspired by the author Siri Hustvedt. She writes about philosophy, gender, emotions and history. She is extremely sharp, intelligent and still there’s a fragile quality to her art. I want my music to be like her books.

B: If you have to change something in the actual world, what would it be?
L: I would make it impossible to be crazy rich. No matter what you’ve done it is simply not fair that some people live in horrible circumstances while others are so rich that we can’t fathom it. It’s an unfair system.

B: One of your best memories that you have of when you were a child?
L: I remember the feeling when I came out of the cinema after watching the first Lord of the Rings film. I had read the books and I was so completely blown away by the universe, I wanted to disappear into it. My sister and I used to run around in the gardens pretending to be Legolas and Gimli.

B: Which new Danish artists/bands you’d recommend us to listen and follow...
L: Jada is very cool and she’s sorta starting to blow up over here. I’d keep my eyes on her if I were you.

B: “I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story” the new full length and step in your career; about this new challenge, how satisfied do you feel compared with your previous releases? (In terms of telling an story with the LP, composing, even single/videos are accompanying the release).
L: My upcoming album feels sorta like my masterpiece. It is a story, a web of information, and the biggest piece of art I have ever tried to make. It took many years and the creation of it made me a different person than the one I am today. I feel different about it than any other album I’ve done. I can’t believe that I’m gonna release it soon!

B: You were based in Shanghai for the Making-Of of your upcoming new album: can you tell us what your feelings about this very unique city are and how much influenced in your writing/composing work?
L: A few years ago I was going through a sort of crisis. I felt like there were too many distractions around me and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do creatively. I needed a change. So I moved to Shanghai alone. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened there. Nothing. I was completely swept into a story, like a David Lynch movie, that swallowed me whole. I quickly
made it my project to try and tell that story - on an album.

B: You love to touch different fields in your music also with your visuals, where does this multi-inspiration comes from? How do you usually face and work on them?
L: Visual things are like a playing field for me. I enjoy art a lot and working with making my shows and artwork visual is very intuitive for me. I just think of things that would look cool and then I make them. It wasn’t always like that, I used to be too afraid that other people wouldn’t think I was cool, or that my ideas were tacky. That’s not a thing anymore.

I Told You I'd Tell Them Our Story


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Lydmor -  三 Killing Time

B: How did you end up making music? We’ve read you love to try many
other creative/artistic branches... even poetry! Can you tell us more about yourself in this sense and ... pros & cons to be a very creative mind?
L: Hahahaha, oh pros and cons to the creative mind! Love that question!
Pros: everything is inspiration, you can connect everything to your work, lying on a field of grass daydreaming can be a serious and important part of my job, the conversations up have with people are amazing and you get to actually stick your mind into other people’s hearts and for a moment tell them what to feel.
Cons: you’re working constantly, people have a lot of opinions about you and you nearly never have any money, which can make you feel quite apart and disrespected in this neo capitalist society.

B: Tell us about your amazing new show and what you will bring to the stage?
L: Currently I am touring with what I’ve come to call the NEON tour. It’s quite a spectacle of lights, UV, neon, and sound. Very dramatic and very immersive. And I have a lot of fun on stage, because of it. You should come!

B: If you were a chef, how Lydmor music would taste like?
L: Something slow cooked. Simmering.

B: Define with 3 Danish items your music...
L: A tree, a rock, a river.

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