Low Key Crush share their sophomore single ‘Shelter’

Shelter’ comes hot on the heels of the band’s January successful debut, ‘Swimming Laps’.

Laps’ was played on Australia's Triple J’s Home and Hosed and featured as a Triple J

Unearthed Best New Music.

Described by media as ‘hella melodic, with soft guitars that set the scene for a hazy, relaxed vocal performance that whisks you away into a dream world’, and by Triple J’s Lucy Smith as creating

‘an infectious debut effort that makes unrequited love sound so damn dreamy’.

Shelter’ turns the band’s pop dial from dream to jangle effortlessly. Vocalist Tim Haines’ delivery is urgent, singing of trying to find a way to help someone you love in the enormity of an undisclosed situation.

Whereas ‘Swimming Laps’ tended towards ‘classic easy-going 90s pop’, Melbourne’s indebtedness to the Flying Nun legacy is paid homage to in ‘Shelter’. The song opens with a snap of drummer
Taycian Lord’s snare and launches into a riff to rival a Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever or

Twerps section, with Ella Francis’s bass spurring on the search. Ella’s soothing close

harmonies add a cautious security to Tim’s, which compared to ‘Laps’ are more pressing

than resigned to the situation at hand.

Low Key Crush is Taycian, Tim and Ella. They deal in dream and jangle pop, place melodies as the highest moral good and work within the confines of Lo-fi production until enough money has been stored away in the band kitty. Their style is soothing but not boring, best played while driving or seen live with the last person you kissed. The lyrics often have a sense of being unresolved, sometimes revelling in the uncertainty other times struggling in it.

Low Key Crush understands that a pop band is incomplete without harmonies and that love is always the best thing to have a song about.



Low Key Crush - Shelter

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