LOSANGE debut album Quartz

September 22nd, 2017 on Johnkôôl Records / Idol

Losange is Benoit Baudrin’s project. His first eponymous EP was released in 2016 on

Johnkôôl Records. Quartz is its debut album.

A losange is a pure geometric form, a concept from a world of ideas. In medieval musical notation

a ‘Losange’ was an undetermined note.

Losange is a name with a typically french consonance.

Losange’s music has the harmonic wealth of classical music manipulated through electronic

instrumentation. It takes its inspiration from Air’s sense of melody, Daft Punk’s production ethos,

Electric Universe’s trance effect and Mozart’s mental stimulation.

All gathered into one pure and raw sound material as electronic chamber music.

His debut album Quartz is an ode to the computer.

The album was written in a short period of time, based on a strict protocol : using one synthesizer with only one type of synthesis, with a specific number of values and parameters.

That way you can quantify the tone as you quantify a note’s value or rhythm.

It wasn’t mastered and no mixing tools were used, thanks to an FM synthesis that settles any

sound issues with surgical precision.

Quartz is Losange’s manifesto against the extreme sound compression that he feels impoverishes

dynamics. Quartz is a mineral with piezoelectric properties, used as a temporal reference in

electronic devices. Quantification of time is a cornerstone in Music.



Losange - Atone

Losange – Quartz

1 - Atone​

2 - Minéral​

3 - Spleen Sidéral​

4 - Shadow

5 - Techno Fleuri

6 - Idoles

7 - Écu

8 - Feu Endormi

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