Shares new video for track 'Mineral' directed

by Hélène Combal-Weiss

The new video for Losange's track "Minéral", directed by Hélène Combal-Weiss, is an exploration of an optical phenomenon used in the study of rocks and crystals, here deviated from their primary purpose for an artistic use.

Speaking about the video, Hélène Combal-Weiss says :

''For the track "Minéral", I've explored an optical phenomenon used in the study of rocks and crystals, by grafting my camera to a polarizing microscope.
In the laboratory, the polarizing microscope is an essential tool for petrographers, scientists who study the composition of rocks. They use it to observe stone slabs 0.03 mm thick to identify minerals.
The polarized light of this microscope, vibrating in one direction, changes color depending on the orientation of the crystal through which it passes. 
The study of these chromatic phenomena allows geologists to read in the rock its composition, its origin, its metamorphoses, its history... The rocks are the archives of the Earth and the cosmos.
The images in this video come from a collaboration with a friendly society of geologists hosted at the Museum of Natural History in Paris. My exploration of polarizing microscope functionality beyond conventional use has revealed variations in hue and saturation seldom seen by petrographers. The main actors in this video are quartz, feldspar, biotite, muscovite, olivine, staurolite, garnet, plagioclase, pyroxene... They are 40 to 500 million years old.''


Losange is Johnkôôl Records' first release. He released an EP in 2016 and his debut album Quartz in September 2017.

Losange’s music has the harmonic wealth of classical music manipulated through electronic instrumentation. It takes its inspiration from Air’s sense of melody, Daft Punk’s production ethos, Electric Universe’s trance effect and Mozart’s mental stimulation. All gathered into one pure and raw sound material as electronic chamber music.


Losange – Quartz

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