Premiere track ‘Maharadjah’ from new album Soul Chopper 

to be realesed on june 21 on Johnkôôl Records / Idol

LOSANGE's new album Soul Chopper out on june 21st, 2019 (Johnkôôl Records / Idol)

Rich harmonies navigate a precise electronic soundscape in Losange’s music.

Faithfully inspired by the nocturnal and futuristic atmosphere of Giorgio Moroder’s Metropolis, the bouncing adolescent rock-and-roll of The Strokes, as well as the science of electronic orchestration as developed by Wendy Carlos; all re-directed into a single sonic material,

rough and pure.

In December of 2018, Losange performed at the Trans Musicales Festival in France, marking

a new evolution in his sound. The dreamy arpeggio’s that informed his debut album became punctuated and enriched with raver beats. This addition formed the basis for his upcoming album, Soul Chopper, to be released this year. The album title, Soul Chopper, sums up his approach: just as American bikers don’t want to burden themselves with superfluous

materials, he kept only the essential components of Trance music.

From that primal basis, its rythmes, harmonies and melodies, Losange is delivering his interpretation of the genre, building his own « bike » from that chassis.

In his approach, Benoit is looking to capture a certain teenage utopia, the tender, fresh and innocent touch that we can find in the albums that inspire him, from Please Please Me of

The Beatles to Pet Sounds of The Beach Boys.

Ever-present is the influence of Daft Punk’s Discovery, a benchmark in sound quality for futuristic romanticism and electronic production « à la française ».

Losange is a project of producer and composer Benoit Baudrin, born in Aix en Provence (France) in 1989. He originally studied classical piano for 8 years before escaping into

Rock during high school.

In 2007 he began to approach electronic music with the creation of his own home studio and pursued studies in sound engineering, eventually earning a degree in sound design with the french institution Ircam. His eponymous debut EP was released in 2016 on Johnkôôl Records. His debut album, Quartz, was released in 2018. Each release was followed by a compilation of remixes with the participation of various artists: Flavien Berger, Colin Johnco, JamesDarle.



LOSANGE - Soul Chopper

Johnkôôl Records / Idol



2. Raised from the dead

3. Power of Pop

4. Luna Park

5. Fairy Tales

6. Teenage Heaven


8. Blue Night

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