Losange’s music has the harmonic wealth of classical music manipulated through electronic instrumentation. It takes its inspiration from Air’s sense of melody, Daft Punk’s production ethos, Electric Universe’s trance effect and Mozart’s mental stimulation. All gathered into one pure and raw sound material as electronic chamber music.

We are glad to introduce you with Losange alias Benoit Baudrin and his debut album Quartz released on september 22 on Johnkôôl Records.

Bizzarre: A perfect day for you is...
Losange: When I can follow my daily routine.

B: A person (famous or not) that have inspired you in your life?
L: Laozi.

B: If you have to change something in the actual world, what would it be?
L: Nothing can be changed, everything is linked to the human condition.

B:One of your best memory that you have when you were a child?
Thinking in school how to beat the next level in my video-game.

B: Seems like you create your own sonic world, to associate your music with shapes, space, where does it come from?
L: I love to play in a closed system, like a game of go, the possibility are limited. To build a grammar, memorize it, then express with it my emotions and visions.

B: You’re based in "Aix en Provence " France : can you tell us what are your feelings about this place and how much influence the city has on your work?
L: I live now in the center of France, around nowhere in an isolated house. Nature and silence help me work effectively, I love to feel disconnected from the world, but be able to converse to it from a distance. In this way, present and past culture are melted.

B:  How did you end up making music, which is simple and pure while being elaborate and sometimes a bit mystic at the same time?
L: Music has always been a spiritual practice for me, I'm in search of transcendance and genuineness.

B: Tell us about your amazing new album and how is it to work with Johnkôôl Records?
L: Quartz was composed in a short time, but at the time when my technic had just become mature.
Johnkôôl crew are my friends, we all begin, it's an adventure together.

B: Describe "Quartz" with 3 elements...
L: Time, Future, Pure.

Losange - Atone



(Johnkôôl Records / Idol)

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