Sedish artist Ljung releases new electronic banger "Wasting My Time".

Swedish artist Olivia Ljungquist has always shifted between different artistic expression, but music has always been a constant in her life.


When she reached a point of now or never, a point where life just was tiring and nothing seemed real – Ljung was born. In her bedroom studio she started writing and producing her own kind

of beat-based, dark and twisted, electronic pop music. 

Raised in the west coast countryside of Sweden, and now based in Gothenburg, the harsh cold winds from the sea and the dark scandinavian surroundings where always present. Now you

can hear them in her music. The haunting synthesizers and the bewitching bass lays the

ground for her songs about heartbreak, spirituality and desire. 

Debut single "Sleep" dropped in 2018 to critical acclaim from major music media in Sweden - Gaffa, Festivalrykten, PSL, P3 - and today Ljung release her new single "Wasting My Time", as well as revealing her first summer tour dates - including a show with Kite in hometown Gothenburg.



Ljung - Wasting My Time

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