Lisa shares debut single 'Primitive Us'.

I think we’re happy to let the wool be pulled over our eyes. To sleepwalk through life a little.

But as we all know, wool is hella itchy and at some point those blinders need to come off.

I don’t want to know the secret behind the magicians tricks, I want to enjoy the illusion.

Consciously purchasing a ticket to the magic show, then leaving it behind once the curtains are drawn and the lights go up.


“Primitive Us” explores the claustrophobic feeling which is sometimes symptomatic of living on the grid in today’s world. Constantly plugged-in, bombardment from every direction, disconnection from ourselves and each other.


Lack of control, lack of purpose, mental/environmental pollution, and the realization that what you see is rarely what you get or what you need.


This song was written and first demo-ed among the trees, very much off the grid at a cottage in northern Ontario.


What percentage of your day is filled with meaningful interaction vs. distraction?

Are we in charge of our lives or just slaves to the inevitable?

In order to create, must you destruct? 



Lisa - Primitive Us

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