Made up of the three members of the band Efterklang alongside drummer 

Tatu RönkköLiima are a Danish-Finnish group whose most recent release ‘1982’, takes it name from the year in which their front man Casper Clausen 

was born, In that year Time Magazine chose the first ever non-human “person of the year”; the Personal Computer.

Though ‘1982’ is not an album that tries to mimic the sounds of that year, it is an album borne of influences and circumstances that stem back to that point in time. It’s an album that sees the band questioning the concept of identity and our place in time - as much an album of existential questioning and of looking forward as it is of nostalgia and reflection.

‘1982’ was co-produced by their old friend, Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, the pedigree of these musicians together speaks for itself and is encapsulated on this engrossing record. Casper Clausen, Rasmus StolbergMads Brauer and Tatu Rönkkö worked in a club in the hotel’s basement, sometimes watched by small crowds, much as PJ Harvey was during the making of The Hope Six Demolition Project at London’s Somerset House.

Here is Rasmus Stolberg to talk about the band and their brand new ‘1982’ 

one of The Best Albums of 2017.

Bizzarre: A song to start your day…

Rasmus Stolberg:

Make it Easy On Yourself - The Walker Brothers

You can change the lyrics in your head so it fits perfectly. Just replace “Breaking up is hard to do” with "Waking up is hard to do"


B: if you could invent something, anything, what would that be?

RS: clean cheap energy


B: If you had the chance to tele transport yourself in time, where would you go, and why?

RS: I am perfectly happy with living in the now, but I have a feeling that the late 60s into the 70s was an interesting time to be around. Lots of new ideas. New ways of living and radical changes in norms, education, music, sex and Neil Young in his prime. 


B: How technology changed us since the creation of the personal computers?

RS: Technology has democratised a lof of things. Very obvious in music where anyone with a laptop now can record, finish and release an album. 

It has also made the world a smaller place. One dude in Nigeria uploads a song to Bandcamp and I listen to it the same evening. All these things are great. I think technology has made it easier to feel togetherness over long distances and at the same time it can make you feel disconnected and a lot

of us slowly forget how to be attentive and present in the actual physical now.

On top of all that we have now willingly and happily given Big Brother all the tools for surveiling us 24/7. 


Liima -- Life Is Dangerous

B: What made you called your album 1982, and why is so special for you?

RS: We named it after a song on the album. Casper (who writes the lyrics) was born that year and the rest of us in the years surrounding it. It sometimes makes me think of 1984 (Orwells book) and I like it for that as well. 


B: What memories do you have from the marathonic recording process in Helsinki, Istanbul, Madeira, and Berlin ?

RS: These 4 places are where we wrote all the songs for our debut album ‘ii' that came out in 2016. 

I only have great memories. We were very inspired, had a lot of fun discovering what Liima could be. 


B: The video for the track 1982 is amazing, how did you come up with concept?

RS: Thank you! 

The video is directed by BabyDuka. He is a Copenhagen artist and game developer who works with 8bit animation. Casper had found this one animation of his on Instagram and the conversation developed from there.

He quickly picked up on the feel and the universe and the Blade Runner vibes led him to create his great video. 


Liima - 2-Hearted




(City Slang)

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Liima - 1982

B: You played for Norwegian kids at their school, tell us the experience.

RS: They made us realize that we go up on stages all the time and just expect people to understand what we are doing. These guys had a completely different outlook and no idea of who we were or what we were doing. It was nice to be reminded that a lof of people don’t give a fuck about what and who we are. It was also nice to be reminded that it is helpful to sometimes think in showmanship and to help people discover your music in the best possible way. 

B: How was it to work with Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear and what is your connection to his music?

RS: It was great! He is really good with band dynamics and made all four of us perform at our best. 

Three of us know him from way back. Grizzly Bear opened for Efterklang on their first European tour back in 2005. He also used to live in Berlin at the same time as Tatu, Mads and Casper. He has produced so many brilliant albums but the reason we asked him was after we listened to his CANT solo album The car. We felt he would get what we were trying to do and that he would be able to help us improve it. 


B: Define your album 1982 in 3 items from the 80s.




-The Gaming console

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