The Festival


Showcasing the independent women's music scene:

this is the desire behind the festival Les Femmes s'en mêlent on March 8, 1997,

International Women's Rights Day.

Since then, it never stopped blossoming. Since its third edition, it becomes one of the first wandering festivals which gives the artists the opportunity of real tours in France, Switzerland and Belgium. With a firmly trailblazer commitment: in 22 years, ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’ enabled the find of major figures as Christine & The Queens, Cat Power or Jeanne Added.

And resulted in rare moments, such as the meeting of Kim Gordon and Brigitte Fontaine, or the magic of the first French concerts of Feist or M.I.A.

Music is the beating heart of ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’. That’s what draws its outlines and its rhythm. With one watch word: diversity. It’s in ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’ that resonates Shannon Wright’s folk, the new French stage incarnated by Clara Luciani or Cléa Vincent, Robots In Disguise’s electro queer and Little Simz’s hip-hop.


An eclecticism in tune with a used to playlists generation which go over the musical style borders to favour authentic live experiences. ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’ has only one demand: choosing artists with modern and unique views, while staying inclusive; if women take up the centre stage, the bands which accompany them are sometimes mixt. It also proposes conferences and links with cinema, photography, graphism or performances.

This year, Trabendo will host the the Parisian part of the festival, from 3rd to 6th April, which is also traveling from 21th March to 10th April with the Requin Chagrin’s new-wave, the stellar Tiny Ruins’ folk or the Angolan Pongo’s afrobeat, artists with strong identities, well anchored in their time.


Anna Calvi France 

(Thursday 04th April – Paris)

Power, strength and claimed lyricism: that’s what characterises Anna Calvi’s music, which guitarist and singer virtuosity stuns her audience since her first album in 2011.

Successor of Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley, PJ Harvey and other rock poets who know how to confront to their own intensity.

The English artist is famous for her burning magnetic lives. Hunter, her third album out last year is a queer and feminist work, claiming gender fluidity.


Shannon Wright USA

Thursday 04th April – Paris)

Since she was 20, the American artist nailed dressing up her nervous folk and her falsely fragile voice with different arrangements, and making it travel on each time renewed territories. From her beginnings’ gitars bared by Steve Albini, to the synths which decorated Honeybee Girls in 2009, through Yann Tiersen’s arpeggios, only one thing stays: the intimist and feverish songs intensity, the streght of a songwriting which has been more and more precise over time. As demonstrated in her last album, the tenebrous Division, two years ago. 



Emily Wells USA

(Friday 29th March – Charleroi) (Wednesday 03rd April – Tourcoing) (Friday 05th April – Paris) (Saturday 06th April – Dijon) (Wednesday 10th April – Feyzin)

With her, folk in a rapidly expanding universe. Multi-instrumentalist, the American dresses her songs up with surrounding swarms and, on stage, accompanies herself as well with violin than with synths, drums or samples and programmes. Her last composition, This world is too … for you, created in collaboration with the New-yorker chamber orchestra Metropolis Ensemble, will be released this year in a new album. Experimentation has never been promising so much shivers.

Tiny Ruins New-Zealand

(02nd April – Allonnes) ( 03rd April – Tourcoing) (Friday 05th April – Paris)

It’s been ten years since Hollie Fullbrook, English raised up in New-Zealand, draws with a virtuoso songwriting the outlines of a folk which apparent fragility contains an infinite deepness. This year her third album, Olympic Girl, is out, the video of the single How Much, inspired by a night watching Neil Young’s videos at David Lynch (who produced her single Dream Wave in 2016) shows her encircled of strange and blurred projections: a blending of shadows and lights which defines her entire music.

Kate NV Russia

(Thursday 04th April – Paris)

In the margin of the post-punk band whose she is the frontwoman,

Kate Shilnosova is one of the most fascinating figures of Russian electronica.

Her last album, FOR dreamy ode to the city of Moscow, collects its brainwave in Japanese pop, concrete music and contemporary classic. The boarding card for a playful and warm trip, imaginary, or not. 

OH MU Switzerland

(Saturday 06th April – Paris)

When she produced her first songs in her room, in Switzerland, the 24 years old musician already projected them in the future. A future where all the styles and gender are blurred, where you are free to be and to love who you want. It incarnated in an Ep where hip-hop, song and synth pop mix up in a Grimes or Princess Nokia way, crowned by Sage, liberating hymn for self-assertion. This future, Oh Mu’s generation fervently wants it. It is not that far away eventually.

Sink Ya Teeth England

(Saturday 06th April – Paris)

Formed in 2015, the English duo provided itself the passionate task  to revisit all the most sharped aspects of dance music, hedonist house, electroclash but also post-punk or cold wave. Machines, guitars, robotic voices or soul melodies: Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford nail the art of the perfect dosage in singles at the same time organic and sophisticated. The result is a first album released last June, where elegance competes with the most liberated groove. In all modernity.

Emilie Zoé Switzerland

 (Friday 05th April – Paris)

Emilie Zoé's new songs have an old soul. First, because they were born and lived on stage, with drummer Nicolas Pittet, before playing on the Swiss singer's second album, The Very Start. Then, because their lo-fi fragility, evocative of Sparklehorse or Grandaddy, is the setting for eternal questions about what separates and connects us, our weaknesses as

well as our outbursts of pride. A beauty on the bone, a nervous pop,

of infinite sensitivity.

Otha Switzerland

(Saturday 06th April – Paris)

From getting yourself in the right mood to dealing with obnoxious party snobs, going clubbing can sometimes be unfulfilling.

But “One of the Girls,” the debut single from the Norwegian producer

Otha (aka Othalie Husøy), is a dancefloor anthem that will never

leave you wanting.

Circé Deslandes France

(Thursday 04th April – Paris)

Musician, activist, tarologist and therapist: the many faces of the French woman are embodied in an immemorial figure, that of the witch, emblem of creativity, power and feminine freedom. His two albums of mystical and committed pop, Oestrogenese, and Femme Louve, testify to this. But also, her participation in the compilation Contre Coups, against violence against women, his performances which combine poetry and eroticism.

P.R2B France

(Friday 05th April – Paris)

Pauline Rambeau de Baralon is exploring the path of a DIY aesthetic that combines electro pointillist and hip-ho, new wave and Leo Ferré scanning. In her title Des rêves, she imagines an ideal where "bodies and hearts

are at the same BPM. "She approaches it live, where we immerse ourselves in the wave of her undivided commitment".

If creativity is the main festival value, it is because it is a source of power. Responding to the feminism resurgence which supports women voices, ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’ defends

artists who who are part of the “Girl Gaze” approach, notion which articulates feminine

creation: it is about taking a feminine look, and thus to understand it and to affirm its

place there.


These points of view are the expression of different sensibilities, paths and opinions.

All have their place: an independent festival, Les Femmes s'en mêlent does not depend on a political power but is fundamentally; its role is at the same time to shelter, to generate

and to amplify surprising and new ideas, which jostle the established order. 

In this sense, ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’ is a militant festival, especially since it advocates openness. If a song places its melody at the foreground, it is nothing without the music which accompanies it or the ones listening to it; in the same way, the women participating are then able to talk together, and with a feminine and masculine audience.

Thus, ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’ offers a public space which can be invested with strength, daring and joy: joy to attend a live performance or to dance in an electro party, to discover a new artist, the single which will be with you for months. 

Creativity, liberty, diversity: in a society which feminizes it-self, ‘Les Femmes s’en mêlent’ proves more than ever its pertinence. True feminine creation celebration, it gathers an audience which perfectly reflects the current generation: women and men who see the artistic expression as a progresist and a happy way to consider the world. With music on, of course. 


Georgia England

(Wednsday 03rd April – Nantes) (Friday 05th April – Paris)

Authentic Londoner, Georgia started with drums with which she accompanied Kwes’ and Kate Tempest’s first steps.

From that, she kept a sense of rhythm, pulsation and beat which was the base of her first album in 2017. Grime, dance or dub were clearly present as well as the hopes and revolts of a young 24 years old women.

Her two last singles, Started Out And Mellow show her moving forward in her taste for experimental hip-hop, inherited from her love for

Missy Elliott. Get her freak on. 

Ionnalee Sweden

(Saturday 06th April – Paris) 

Became a master in the art of metamorphose, the Swedish musician, productor and director Jonna Lee reinvented herself a first time in 2010 by the name iamamiwhoami, audio-visual enigma which shacked the web wit a set of oneiric, incantatory lyricism, music videos. Iamamiwhoami is her own incarnation: with her new album Everyone afraid to be forgotten, she extends an evocatory synth-pop territory of Kate Bush or Zola Jesus, accompanied with videos which still mark the imaginary. Her performance on stage should be just like her. 

Requin Chagrin France

(Thursday 21th March – Rennes) (Thursday 28th March – Bordeaux) (Friday 29th March – Dunkerque) (Thursday 04th April – Paris)

Mixing yésyés, surf music and new wave: Requin Chagrin’s daring, driven by Marion Brunetto, striked since her first singles shared on the trailblazer French song platform La Souterraine. There were already the feeling of a teenager but yet eternal melancholy, the one which make us listen music with heart open and hairs in the eyes. Sémaphore, her second album, (and first one out on KMS, and label Nicola Sirkis), is enhanced by a 90’s roughness and aquatic gitars. Her light will illuminate us for a long time.

Pongo Portugal/Angola

 (Thursday 04th April – Tourcoing) (Saturday 06th April – Paris)

Never stop singing and dancing: firstly in her native Angola that she leaves at 8 when the country is destroyed by the civil war. Then, at church and in different groups, before joining the mythic Buraka Son Systema. Nowadays, Pongo gives a raging blast of air to kuduro, this mix of afrobeat, dancehall and electro. Released in Spetember, her first EP, Baia, is a call to trance, joy, and perpetual moving. Join the party.

Camilla Sparksss Canada

(Friday 05th April – Paris)

Born in 1983, in Switzerland but grew up in the Far North, in Ontario along songs of Michael Jackson, Bonnie Tyler or Culture Cub. Two elements which, on their own, evoke Camilla Sparksss’ music, which mixes lo-fi electro to a catching groove, highlighted on stage by the unprofessional dancers who accompany her. After a first album, For You The Wild, four years ago, she just released anew single Quasi Cool.

Regina Demina France

(Saturday 06th April – Paris)

Musician, plastic artist, video maker and performer… The faces of the French artist Regina Demina are as many as her projects but they have only one goal: telling stories. Story of a creature who devours her lover on a warrior electro background in Pyromane video, extract of her first EP L’Eté meurtrier. Or stories of romantico-punk muses in her recent residence in the Palais de Tokyo. It is on stage that her universe fully exert its fascinating power. Between dream and provocation.

Silly Boy Blue USA 

(21th March – Rennes) (28th March – Bordeaux) (Saturday 06th April – Paris)

In David Bowie's songs, Nantaise Ana Benabdelkarim took her artist's name, the taste of the harmonies that crash, and a drive towards the stars. They are the ones who inhabit her first EP, But You Will, released in 2017: four tracks whose synthesizers glitter on a cold-wave black background, as large as galaxies where her transfigured voice and heart-warming melodies navigate in orbit.

Dope Saint Jude South Africa

 (Thursday 28th March – Périgueux) (Saturday 06th April – Paris)

She is one of the artists who, like Mikky Bianco or Princess Nokia, (finally) engage in a dialogue between queer culture and hip-hop. Founder of the first drag-king troupe in South Africa, Dope Saint Jude then became a musician and producer. His second EP, Resilient, questions gender notions and calls for self-assertion, whether we worship 2Pac, Toni Morrisson or Riot Grrls. So many inspirations claimed by the rapper, who brings them together under an ultra unifying pop banner.

Eclair Fifi England

(Saturday 06th April – Paris)

It was at the end of the 90s that the Scottish Clair Stirling moved behind the decks with sets influenced by Detroit, Chicago, gabber or hardcore techno. She quickly mixes an impressive variety of genres, from Italian disco to southern rap. A member of the very chic Lucky Me label, for which she also illustrates covers, to infinity, and beyond.

Coeur France

(Thursday 04th April – Paris)

One of the singers of the punk-rap and radical duo Schlaaasss escaped solo to set up her own project, in "club des thug brisé.e.s." mode, of which she is the leader, romantic but reborn. In Chrysanthemum's video, it is not to celebrate the wedding but to unwind his sorrows of lost love that Cœur walks around alone in a wedding dress on the Trocadero. All this on a poisonous trap background, with a flow going from velvet to hardened steel.

Barbi(e)turix Dj Crew France

(Saturday 06th April – Paris)

A website dedicated to lesbian and feminine culture - A free and DIY fanzine distributed in Parisian bars, galleries, concept stores and clubs - The biggest lesbian evening in Paris: the WET FOR ME ! Self-financed and independent, Barbi(e)turix is run by about fifteen volunteers, fifteen Riot girls who want to make things happen. The goal: to challenge stereotypes and promote women's and lesbian culture.

La Fraicheur France

(Saturday 06th April – Paris)

French DJ and producer based in Berlin, she brings a political and social dimension to her deep-house, techno and electronica sets. For example, Angela Davis' voice can be heard on the song The Movements, from her first album, Self Fulfilling Prophecy, a queer activist who holds high the ideal of conscious, open and committed clubbing. With her, it is with the heart, head and body that we can dance.

Le Trabendo

A colourful concert and entertainment venue, Le Trabendo is nestled in the heart of

Parc de la Villette, a new Parisian music centre located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, with its rectilinear shapes, bright scarlet colour and the famous "follies" designed by

Bernard Tschumi's architecture that surmount it, it does not go unnoticed.

Inside, Finnish designers Ahonen & Lamberg and architect Linda Bergroth have created a world of geometric shapes and colours, while its main room, of human size (700 seats), and its terrace surrounded by trees, make it a perfect place for convivial but also always festive evenings, whether concerts or clubbing.

Thanks to its ambitious and eclectic programme offering the best of today's music, from electro to rock, hip hop and French chanson, it has become one of the favourite places for trendy

young Parisians.


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