Share new video "Est-ce qu'on prend le temps"
taken from their EP Heusden Zolder

The Parisian band share a new video for the track "Est-ce qu'on prend le temps" , this psychedelic ballad suggests and opens more than it states. Heady drums, continuous bass, deep and disturbing voice... Two ruptures breaking up the steady flow of the track.


The clip's images evokes the wanders, the disagreements of Science - the memory, the transmission, life against entropy. Do we take the time/ Est-ce qu’on prend le temps ?  This question resonates today in a special way...

Formed in 2014, Les Lignes droites do not shy away from synthesizers, yet their intentions are pure indie rock – lyrics in French rise up over an electric maelstrom. 

Influenced by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, French singer Bashung, as well as Kraftwerk,

Les Lignes Droites sometimes venture further afield, to the worlds of Suicide or even

Kate Bush.


After “Pour que la nuit passe”, released in 2015, and “Les Humains” in 2016, the Heusden Zolder EP heralds a new album for the autumn of 2020.

This EP contains four tracks, four journeys connected through shared textures (prominent snare drums, continuous bass lines ...): “Est-ce qu’on prend le temps” (Do we take the time), a heady psychedelic ballad led by serious, ominous vocals, “Rêve Avéré” (Dream turned out), a cold-rock track that gets straight to the point, “Pliages” (Folding), a pop-kraut track with two faces and “Heusden Zolder”, experimental pop with Twin Peaks style bass underscoring melancholic

synths and melodic vocals.

On stage, Les Lignes Droites (guitar, bass, drums, synth, vocals) deliver a driving live set, infused with raw energy, rumbling synth waves and sonic implosion.



Les Lignes Droites - Est-ce qu'on prend le temps

Les Lignes Droites – Heusden Zolder

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