Enigmatic electronic artist Le Module announces 'EP1' and releases first single 'I've Lost Centre'.

Le Module is London-based electronic artist Joe Robbins. Announcing his debut ‘EP1’ on independent London label Molten Keys, he is releasing his first single ‘I’ve Lost Centre’.
Originally from Yorkshire, Le Module creates thoughtful, playful electronica. Driven by his haunting vocal performances, the tracks on the EP vary between moody

soundtracks to a late-night drive, to distinctly more danceable numbers.


That floating voice is underpinned throughout by Joe’s detailed instrumentation and production wizardry to form a sound that is unmistakably his own.

Previously one half of dance duo Pavan, after several semi-legendary parties in the Molten Keysgarden studio, the time felt right for a solo project. Le Module

 sees Joe exploring both his more experimental tendencies, and his talent for

traditional song-writing, whilst drawing on the drum machine and

synth-based euphoria that made a Pavan party so magical.
Le Module’s first track ‘I’ve Lost Centre’ opens with a wistful, dream-like whistle that sets the tone for much of the record. Pulsating layers of synths build, the vocal increasingly urgent and insistent, to moments of climactic release, and surprising tranquillity.


He explains


“I think this was an exercise of release for me. Probably the most unconsidered I’ve been in a while.”
The trance-like repetition gives the track a sense of how uninhibited Joe was feeling at the time:


 “I was moving quickly and freely and “I’ve Lost Centre was probably one of the purest products of this period.”  
As somewhat of a fresh start for Joe, the track feels like a perfect way to begin,


“I feel this might be a new phase for me. I’m much more at peace with my work.”  

‘I’ve Lost Centre’ is available on all online platforms, 'EP1' is out on 14th June via Molten Keys. 



Le Module - I'v Lost Centre

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