First event of Lapsus Festival is announced in March, in collaboration with the international festival Unsound.

The sixth Lapsus Festival is this year divided into three dates: March, September and December.

The first event in March will see Lapsus collaborate with the international festival Unsound.

"We are not exactly sure when things began to change, or whether it was due to the Olympics, the football club, the undiscovered beachfront or the low-cost airline boom, but something definitely happened. Perhaps the paradigm shift occurred as a result of all the above, the ripples of which can still be felt today from Vall d'Hebron to Barceloneta."

People arrived en masse to Barcelona to drink and devour from a seemingly inexhaustible supply. And the more people that appeared, the greater its reputation became and the more there was to discover. The city continued to grow exponentially, irrespective of social crises or political tensions.
And culture? Well, as per usual, the city was ahead of the curve and perhaps suffered because of a 'harder, better, faster, stronger' mentality -as they say over the border-. Everything that had originally made just a few people happy was suddenly given the huge responsibility of astounding the world. We needed 
bigger formats, artists and huge audiences to join the international merry-go- round. Everything and everybody had to be the same.

A major cultural platform since its inception in 2004, Lapsus has witnessed many of the recent changes to its home city. It now finds itself ready to enter its 15th year and hold its sixth festival

"For many years we have repeated the mantra that electronic music is culture - and not just any culture, it is the technological expression of culture-. It is innovative and forward thinking and informs us of our emotional and intimate relationship with machines. We think that electronic music should be accessible to all audiences, because there is no greater plural expression of understanding music that moves beyond the prevailing logic of the industry. Upon this reflection and digestion we have decided that the festival format we have followed for the previous five years must evolve. We believe this is the perfect time for the word "festival" to disappear from the vocabulary used in our future communications, as it has become a definition and format with which we no longer identify."

Have you ever been to a festival with a vast array of performances and you end up not seeing any of them? Did you spend more time talking to your friends and connections than listening to your favourite artists? Lapsus' concept aims to change this: a venue with more human dimensions, with relevant artists at a distance from which you can distinguish their faces, where you feel comfortable, safe and can focus on the most important ingredient, the sound.

"We love seeing your support via social media. However, what makes us truly happy is when you put down your mobile phone and really listen to the content that we have dreamt up for you. We then discover that actually you are as crazy as we are! At the end of the day, the only thing that's important to us is the music. Quality has nothing to do with genres, sources or streaming platforms. We all play the same notes."

Lapsus 2019 divides its sixth year into hosting three events that will take place at the: 'Edifici Teatre' Barcelona’s Contemporary Culture Centre -co-producer of the event since its inception- and the concert venue LAUT.


"On three dates -March, September and December 2019- we will provide superior quality-pervading sounds with multi-dimensional audiophile technology as yet unparalleled in Spain, creating an environment where the sound takes centre stage. Our burning desire is to deliver musical content with the importance it deserves. This requires patience and great care and is not something we wish to rush. Our intention is for Lapsus to become an open exploration around cutting edge electronic music and technology. We aim to focus on these elements, on how pioneers influence today’s trends, the evolution of technology in musical creation, and of what is still yet to come."

ACT I - Lapsus x Unsound
The opening date for the next stage in the evolution of Lapsus will be March 30. This first event entitled ‘Lapsus x Unsound’ will showcase the collaboration between the Krakow based international festival Unsound and Lapsus, with the support of The Polish Cultural Institute. Together they will explore the current Polish scene’s most exciting exponents, experiencing them first hand; the program, designed by Unsound and Lapsus working closely together, will offer
an in depth look at Poland’s integral place in today’s leading edge global electronic music scene.



Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB) - C / Montalegre, 5, 08001
Barcelona. LAUT - C / Vila i Vilà, 61 BIS. 08004 Barcelona.

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