Lapsus Festival is ready and prepared for its fourth edition at the CCCB.

After three prior festivals, it has consolidated its commitment

to creating a tailor-made event which avoids the overcrowded masses

of the larger festivals held in the city.

At Lapsus festival you can discover the latest in electronic avant-garde

music during nine hours of uninterrupted action.

Lapsus Festival 2017 will take place on April 1, 2017 in the

Theatre building of the CCCB.







Airaboi is the project of Valencian producer, Aitor Rabell, who is based in Barcelona; an adventure that has served the artist as a journal of emotional sound since 2014. “Endless Field”

(Banned In Vegas, 2016) is Airaboi’s debut EP; a work composed in his own studio in Barcelona which fuses house, leftfield and experimental electronic via a sentimental and nostalgic sound full of arpeggios, analogue synthesizers and drum machines rolled out harmoniously in three cuts and two remixes.

Airaboi will premiere live exclusively at Lapsus Festival.


Atzar is the name of an experimental project uniting three invaluable

artists from Spain: Daniel Guijarro, Pau Encinas and David Torres,

co-founders of the platform Ochomel. Doing honour to its name, Atzar

(Azar in Catalan) is not a closed group but rather a movement that

plays around with the reaction of the public, where the perception of

the listeners and the improvisation of the artists are key factors in its

elaboration. This performance will be worth remembering: using a ton of hardware for a jam session which will last more than six hours revolving around dub and the different concepts of techno.

A unique chance to discover what's behind this project.


Luca Lozano is co-founder, A&R and Artistic Director of the Berlin label Klasse Recordings; one of the music producers that is currently breathing life into the club scene. Born in the United Kingdom, this energetic artist has always been fascinated by punk rock photography and the graffiti movement of the 70s.

Lozano’s music moves between house and techno, in a constant game of

contrasts ranging from rave to acid, creating a unique dreamlike atmosphere.

Luca will be giving us the honour of closing Lapsus Festival 2017 with an

outstanding session that promises to be epic.


Manta is the musical project of Manuel Carvalho, a Portuguese musician based between Berlin and Barcelona. Formerly the spearhead of Paralaxe Editions, his music, in its own personal way, reinterprets the American and European

techno of the last few years. With three market references already, the turning point in his career was without a doubt the release of his album “Etra” through the well-respected British record label Where To Now? Hence joining a catalogue of artists such as Beatrice Dillon and Machine Woman. During his performance, which is full of analogue technology, we will get the opportunity to hear for the first time the material that will form his new release in mid-2017


Chantal Peeters is one of the producers of the moment. With her EP “Motion”(Codes, 2016) she has managed to catch the attention of the majority of specialized media and appear in the best of 2016 lists according to Resident Advisor and Boomkat. Sky H1’s music has achieved something almost unheard of: it raised Bill Kouligas’ eyebrows - founder of the prestigious PAN record label (one of the most influential avant-garde electronics labels of the moment

and home to artists such as MESH, Lee Gamble and Visionist), through which she has released “Motion” on the sub-label Codes. SKY H1 will be arriving at Lapsus after passing through festivals such as Unsound (Krakow), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam) and Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (Brussels). A great balance of hybrid pop and steamy, ambient synth.


Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, Steve Hauschildt - who was once a member of the seminal band Emeralds (unfortunately disbanded in 2013) - is a veteran on the experimental music scene. Hauschildt is pleasingly known for subverting the norms of more canonical electronics through his compositions, in which synthesizers and digital processing are used in a unique way. Aside from

Emeralds, Hauschildt has released four solo LPs through Kranky, the last one entitled “Stands” (Kranky, 2016); an album that has garnered excellent reviews and placed him in the best of 2016 according to FACT, Boomkat and THUMP .

His audiovisual performance at Lapsus promises to be one of the highlights of the festival and will be a unique opportunity to see his impressive array of synthesizers at work.


When Anastasia Vtorova takes to the stage she becomes Machine Woman.

Since 2014 the Russian artist has created a self-defined space between techno and avant-garde, and has consolidated her place on the scene with releases such as her latest EP “Genau House” (Where to Now? 2016). After FACT and Resident Advisor ranked her as “one of the top 10 artists to follow closely,”

Machine Woman continues to rise. Behind her are the outstanding releases in Peder Mannerfelt Produktion and Tesla Tapes; milestones that very few reach.

Her live performances are sparse and her methods are without a doubt unique; who said that a CD deck can’t also be used as an instrument?


During the past 8 years Brit David Paul Barnard, also known as Dave Monolith, Photodementia and MNLTH, has developed a broad musical vocabulary. Since Rephlex, the label founded by Richard D. James (otherwise known as Aphex Twin), opted for his talent with “Volume 1” (Rephlex, 2009), his career has become a constant exploration and redefinition of “braindance music”. At the end of 2016 the Belgian label WéMè edited “Trax”, a triple LP that gathered

unpublished material along with tracks previously available from its website Bandcamp; a release that has brought him definitive international recognition. During his shows, anything is possible: Acid, techno, electro, jungle and IDM.


To talk of Telefon Tel Aviv is to talk of imaginary universes, of a unique and unforgettable cosmos that was created back in the late 1990s by old school friends Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper. Few bands have managed to combine electronics, soul, hip-hop and Jazz as successfully as this New Orleans duo. After signing three albums that would mark an entire generation, Charles Cooper died unexpectedly on January 22, 2009, and the project stopped all

activity indefinitely leaving a legion of fans orphaned. Today, eight years later, Telefon Tel Aviv is reborn with Joshua Eustis in command with renewed strength, coinciding with the 15th anniversary of their first and most highly regarded album “Farenheit Fair Enough” (Hefty Records, 2001) which was recently reissued by North American seal Ghostly International. This audio-visual performance will run through the best of their trajectory and, who knows, it may also be an opportunity to get an exclusive listen to the tracks on the new album being unveiled mid-2017.



As happens every year, the foremost artists

on the national and international avant-garde

electronic underground scene come together at

Lapsus festival. This year we will premiere new

show by the North American Telefon Tel Aviv

(back in Barcelona after 8 years of silence), for

the first time in Spain we have the Belgian SKY

H1 and the Russian Machine Woman, and for

the first time in Barcelona the British MNLTH.

In addition, we also have the first performance

by Valencian Airaboi and the exclusive

presentation of the Portuguese Manta’s new




That analogue instruments and modular

synths are on everyone’s lips is nothing new,

in fact everything points to the fact that they

have returned for good. At Lapsus we are

real “freaks” of china and bakelite plates,

and proof of this is seen in our employment

of some the truly most virtuous of synthesis

and programming such as Steve Hauschildt -

confessed fanatic of synthesiser brand Dave

Smith and his models Prophet, Atzar - and

his live performances of more than six hours

exclusively using hardware, and Clip - lover of

the modular.



With 2016 teeming with some great returns

and with “braindance music” again riding high

on the wave, Lapsus Festival 2017 will be a

day that delights lovers of the more emotional

electronic music. Projects like Telefon Tel Aviv

(who is visiting Spain after 8 years of silence

and inactivity), KY H1, MNLTH and Steve

Hauschildt are those in charge of demonstrating

the phenomenal state of the direction that this

particular movement of underground electronic

music is taking.



When we talk about productions intended for

the dance floor, if anything is worth highlighting

from the last few months it is the vigour with

which techno has been reclaimed. Lapsus

Festival 2017 will deliver on this front, as

much as from a more macho and visceral

way (Clip and his colossal live analogue), as

in its new forms of expression (the Russian

producer Machine Woman, the Portuguese

Manta and the Brit Luca Lozano representing

the revolutionary record company Klasse




We will never tire of repeating: local talent has

no reason to envy what is happening over the

borders, and at Lapsus Radio we make sure

this is remembered week after week. Naturally,

at Lapsus Festival 2017 national electronics

will play a key role: Airaboi, one of the best

surprises of 2016 whose project has merited

the attention of Philip Sherburne himself; Atzar,

the artistic collective formed by Daniel Guijarro,

Pau Encinas and David Torres; And Clip, child

prodigy of analogue synthesis.



The CCCB - co-producer of the event - is a

point of reference for the cultural industries in

Barcelona; a space for the creation, research,

dissemination and debate of contemporary

culture, where visual arts, literature, philosophy,

cinema, music, performing arts and

transmedia activities are interconnected in an

interdisciplinary program.


Tickets, Full Line Up and more info here.

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