Announces ‘ANCESTOR BOY II’ album out now on CONCORDIA
and unveils new live DJ duo with Cõvco entitled FARA FARA

After a breakout year with the release of her debut full length, ‘ANCESTOR BOY’ and amidst UK tour dates supporting Kate TempestLafawndah returns with a supercharged companion piece.

 ‘ANCESTOR BOY II’ offers up the lysergic DNA of the original-- theatrical composition, tightly wound pop songcraft, and a global bodymusic acumen-- to a cast of fellow travellers and

outliers for full-fledged re-imaginings and two brand new tracks.

These seven tracks are chapters torn from the modern myths of ‘ANCESTOR BOY’ turned inside

out, twisted and detonated in uncanny colours by Honey Colony allies. For this project, she

has assembled a crew united more by their singularity than genre or scene: Nídia Minaj 

(Principe Discos, Lisbon), Howie Lee (Beijing), Linn da Quebrada and Pininga (São Paulo), Tayhana (N.A.A.F.I, Mexico City), Crystallmess (Paris), Cõvco (London),

and Ami Yerewolo (Bamako). 
On ‘ANCESTOR BOY II’ this global federation of outliers dose the Grace Jones/Kate Bush fantasias of the original ‘ANCESTOR BOY’ with unmistakable traces of tarabatida; cybersinodelia; militant carioca; gabber-cumbia, drexciyan-speed wavejumper hymns; luminous heartache; bambaran incitement.


The album features two thrilling, brand new Lafawndah tracks: a combustible and relentless flip of “Oasis” featuring incendiary bars by Malian superstar Yerewolo and the next evolution of Lafawndah’s signature producing and arranging, along with a destined-for-multiple-wheelups doombia visionquest through the tunnels of “Parallel,” here produced by Tayhanaand featuring new lyrics sung by Lafawndah in Spanish. 
These reflections all converge on ‘ANCESTOR BOY II’ for Lafawndah to deliver her most explicitly club-forward project yet, leaning into the dance music impulses that have been to date deftly sublimated into the complex balance of her songcraft. This is her manifesto for the club, a

new set of thrilling demands of what a DJ set could and should sound like. 
Concurrently with the release of 'ANCESTOR BOY II', Lafawndah is also announcing the birth of a new live DJ duo with firebrand performer and producer Cõvco-- FARA FARA-- with their vision set on the vanguard of a new dancefloor. 
United by a shared desire to return the dance to its natural state of freedom, FARA FARA can be seen and heard unapologetically expanding the maps of club, dance and trance musics across

the globe. Theirs is a loud Kemistry, conjuring quiet Storms.

The visceral, theatrical character that marks both the artists’ solo work is channeled into b2b DJ sets that are part Three Non Blondes anarchy and part peak Metalheadz science. Cõvco’s R'n'B-concrète live sampling  sculpts the lava flow of Lafawndah’s trickster provocations.

Meditation and aggression blur in a concussion of subs and polyrhythm, and the pair retain the right to pull the rug at all times.  

FARA FARA gives new flesh and teeth to the luminous, utopian spirit of hardcore that has haunted club music for the last two decades. Ancient, modern, sensual and furious, the duo's sets have quickly become infamous for their unpredictable but precise crowd manipulation and joyous

track selection, arousing as much with dread as with ecstasy. 

In addition to their DJ performances, 2020 will further see the debut of FARA FARA as both a production unit and as curatorial entity.

About Lafawndah:
After two acclaimed EPs (2014's self-titled 'Lafawndah' and 2016 Warp release 'Tan'), Lafawndah released her debut album, 'ANCESTOR BOY', in Spring 2019 on her own CONCORDIA imprint. Meanwhile, she has continued to generate a cinematic body of work touching from a fascination with the counterpoints between music, body, and space (just as with her ever-evolving live performances). In 2018, this collaboration resulted in 'Le Renard Bleu', a record and and companion film made with legendary composer Midori Takada (alongside frequent film collaborators Partel Oliva), as well as self-directing her own astounding music videos for 'Joseph' (a song co-written with Jamie Woon) and standout single 'Daddy'.
Further, Lafawndah’s HONEY COLONY mixtape series (now a with a sensational live incarnation growing worldwide) has put the full extent of her dense, baroque, maximalist production and arrangement style on display, drawing thrilling new potentials from fellow travellers Klein,

Bonnie Banane, Kelsey Lu, and Kelela.



10th Nov – Manchester, UK - Albert Hall - w/Kate Tempest
16th Nov – Glasgow, UK -  Old Fruitmarket - w/Kate Tempest
17th Nov – Newcastle, UK - Boiler Shop - w/Kate Tempest
23rd Nov – Milan, IT – Sprint - FARA FARA DJ
19th Dec - Cairo, EG - Cairo Jazz Club





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