Shares new video "No Me Quieres" Directed by Murciano Total
New EP is out now via Vigilad Los Cielos.

La Santoro is a Barcelona artist who currently resides in the prolific city of Granada and she comes on the scene with her debut EP La Santoro via Vigilad los Cielos, the label of the Spanish band Los Pilotos (the parallel project of Banin and Florent, of Spanish cult band Los Planetas).

This collection of songs, made of weightless mattresses of powerful synths that seem to come from another galaxy and the beautiful voice of La Santoro as an earthly nexus, subtle and suggestive, brings together 5 tracks that make up an album with a lot of personality, full of scenic possibilities, careful and delicate at the same time powerful, and that, in fact, far away  from any labels.

The songs are produced, mixed and mastered by Carlos Díaz, in Santa María de la Vega, Granada, and the collaboration of Banin Fraile (Los Pilots, Los Planetas), and the beautiful artwork is a self-portrait of La Santoro her-self.

The Ep, is definitely a journey with a strong aesthetic and visual potential in all directions.



La Santoro - No Me Quieres

La Santoro - La Santoro

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