LA BATTUE share the single "Big Picture" and annouce the release of their first

EP Search Party on May 24th via Parapente.

When you meet Ellie and Bertrand James, it's almost natural that you think they should have been playing together for a long time... But siblings also have their share of rivalry

as pop has in the past. Although of Anglo-Saxon origin (Ellie and Bertrand also

have English nationality) it is a Californian pop and sixties that will rock their

childhood. Their destinies will then take different paths: Bertrand starts in 2011

in the Totorro adventure as a drummer, Ellie joins Mermonte on keyboard and vocals.

In 2018, she decided to let her brother listen to the compositions she had recorded on the keyboard and voice, the alchemy works. Then the duo met Yurie Hu, of Korean origin, she was

also a singer and keyboard player in the group YachtClub. Their sister's experience in more improvised music brings a new dimension to Ellie and Bertrand's demos; LA BATTUE is born. 

This new family (re)composed with such a British humour, could very well have been similar to the quirky of the Tenenbaum Family: Wes Andersen is one of their inspirations, to which will be added Steve Reich's repetitive and dreamlike music, Broadcast's experiments and taste for analogue, Stereolab's verve, the pop orchestras of Local Natives and Grizzly Bear....

all this punctuated by a very pronounced taste for the vocal harmonies of the American

fifties training.


Sunshine pop compositions, then; normal would you tell me when we grew up bleeding Pet Sounds, the cult album of another family business, the Beach Boys. But sometimes, behind this apparent relaxation, a soft melancholy haunts the surrealism of their texts and their humour

(so particular) which could be close to the spirit of Monthy Python or the duo Flight of the Conchords

All this can only make the universe of LA BATTUE unique.
With the ambition of "stirring up the bodies" while keeping their pop freshness, these six tracks certify LA BATTUE as one of the best sunshine pop bands guaranteed "without guitars".

And no matter how hard you look, you can't find an equal in the hexagon.

Or anywhere else, for that matter. 



LA BATTUE -EP Search Party 

24 May via Parapente


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