KIDDO shares the new single ‘Much To Me’, taken from his debut EP ‘Life’s Like That’

Having been ensconced in the studio working on new material, rising North London soul-pop multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Kiddo (Miles Mitchell) preempts the release of his debut EP 'Life's Like That' with a brand new emotive track 'Much To Me' this summer.

Kiddo details the track: "Much to me is my most raw and meaningful song on the record. Lyrically it tells the story of how a relationship can sometimes mean more to someone than to someone else. The baseline drives the chorus with choir vocals hammering home the hook. The vocal harmonies in the middle eight section is homage to some of my favourite harmony based vocal groups. Old 70’s soul records really inspired my writing on this song.”

His introduction to music came from long journeys in the car with his Dad listening to Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton and Queen. Whilst his Mum danced around the kitchen to Soul and Motown artists such as Marvin Gaye, George Benson and Diana Ross. Aged 15 Mitchell picked up the guitar and started writing songs. Following this he travelled up and down the country in various different bands, playing various different genres of music. The disco era always appealed to him and he became fascinated with the works of prince, Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees. In 2015 after a few years of working with different writers and producers, Mitchell met a producer called Sam Brennan. The pair shared a love for the same music and  instantly hit it off. They moved into a studio together where they would incessantly write songs for Mitchell and other artists too. In 2016, Mitchell was then introduced to Stevie Solomon an incredibly talented writer /producer/musician. Mitchell brought Solomon into the fray with Brennan and the first Kiddo EP - “Life’s Like That” was born.

About the EP he says: "My debut EP (Life’s Like That) is a pop/disco/funk record. I wanted to make a feel-good record which told stories from the last 2 years. Sonically the EP is inspired by the sounds of the 80’s and some of my favourite artists including Prince, MJ and the Beegees. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the countries finest musicians, as I was keen to ensure that every song could be translated in a live set up."

The EP 'Life's Like That' will be available digitally via exciting new London label KIsh Records.




01. Dancing on your own

02. Much to me

03. Body Talking

04. Ghost Lover  

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