Kelly Moran unveils today the official video clip of "Water Music", one of the most striking tracks from her recent album Ultraviolet. 

The video, directed by her close collaborator Katharine Antoun, pays tribute to Moran's transcendent experience in the Long Island woods, which inspired the composition of Ultraviolet.

"The day I composed the music that became this record, I went swimming in the ocean and for the first time, I went beyond my comfort zone," explains Moran. "I'm usually too nervous to go deeper than my ankles, but I felt completely uninhibited that day and let myself swim and felt the weight

of my body disappear into the water. It was this feeling of relaxation

and newly acquired freedom that I tried to restore in my studio

when I started playing the piano later that day."

"Water Music" features explosions of vivid textures, made using Turkish marble techniques, as well as fluorescent epinephrine images of plant cells and various chemical reactions, all with a refined psychedelic effect. Interspersed with Moran's intimate plans and resulting in the emergence of a supreme being, conceived by visual artist Cassie McQuater, the video combines

interdisciplinary techniques, merging the natural world with the digital.

It also reflects the collaborative nature of the title, on which Oneohtrix Point Never contributes to the production and synthesizer. Kelly Moran has also recently toured as a member of her

MYRIAD Ensemble.

Antoun and Moran are long-time friends who met visually throughout the Ultraviolet experience. McQuater recently commissioned Moran for the music for his recent video installation

Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds, unveiled in Frieze, Los Angeles last month.

McQuater also designed some of the visuals Kelly Moran used on his first European tour dates. After a few dates in the United States, Kelly Moran will be back in Europe for Sonar in Barcelona and the Villette Sonique festival in Paris in June.




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