Indie-pop three-piece Kar releases

latest single ‘On Our Own’

Only formed a few short months ago, indie-pop three piece Kar are a young band hoping to make a big impact, and with their second single due for release this month, they’re set to do just that.


Finding a shared passion in similar musical styles, Kar formed after the trio met while studying music at Bath College, going on to perform gigs in the local area, creating a small buzz in local venues. 


Kar went on to be accepted onto the MAS Records development scheme, which aims to give young, aspiring musicians free rehearsal and recording time, in the hopes that they can provide emerging artists with a bridge into the wider industry. With patrons such as Robert Plant, Ricky Wilson and Kevyn Gammond, MAS Records has proved invaluable to Kar.


Their debut single ‘Anything At All’ was released in June of this year and was championed for it’s emotive lyricism and catchy melodies, focusing on new love that can grow from the broken remains of an old love.


Recorded, mixed and mastered with Josh Gallop at Stage 2 Studios, their follow up single ‘On Our Own’ explores similar themes. ‘On Our Own’, due for release October 30th, is a tender track about how relationships influence life, for better or worse. Their haunting vocals, atmospheric guitars and melancholic lyrics rounds off a charming second single for the group.



KAR - "On Our Own"

Kar On Our Own

Listen here


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