Justin Wright reveals his newest single, “Modular Winter” taken from the album Music for Staying Warm via-First Terrace Records.

Montreal-based Cellist, Composer, and Arranger Justin Write reveals the single “Modular Winter,”

" It began as an experiment with different approaches to composing.

The idea was to have a set of short, repeating patterns that could

be arranged in any order and go on for any length of time.


I then wrote free-flowing melodies to play on top, following the instructions – enter whenever you feel. Initially, I had about five or six patterns, but whittled it down to my three favourites and settled on a more

permanent arrangement for the song." Justin Wright says.

"I wrote the first half of the track about a year after the second half while I was at the Banff Centre, preparing to record Music for Staying Warm, my debut LP. There’s a graveyard that you pass anytime you go from the Centre into downtown Banff. One day, I noticed a man visiting a tombstone with his kid holding a balloon and frollicking around. Feeling struck by that juxtaposition, I rushed back to my studio to write down the patterns that you hear in “Modular Winter.”

Music for Staying Warm is out now on First Terrace Records with a limited run of vinyl.


                    Justin Wright - Music For Staying Warm 

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