Originally self-released by the band on tape last november, Jons' second album, 

"At Work On Several Things", will be released on vinyl for the first time on march 17th by Field Mates Records (Jimmy Whispers, Yuko Yuko) on all territories.



From Victoria (Canada) Jons began in October 2013 with the release of Com Shred I, a collection of songs from before the band’s formation.

The band began experimenting with new recording techniques and their proper debut 

Serfs of Today was released in June 2014, coinciding with their first touring efforts.

Soon after they released a two single cassette, Short Swim/Long Interior, on Craft Singles. Around this time the band began working in earnest on recording new material for the follow up to Serfs.

Titled At Work On Several Things, the record was completed in spring 2016, just before Jons left on their first major tour across Canada.
At Work On Several Things is the second proper album from Jons, a follow up to 2014’s Serfs of Today.

Recorded over the span of two years in the homes of the band, the album finds Jons better capturing their live energy and sound while branching out stylistically, exploring the realms

of psych and pop and delving into new rhythmic and melodic territories.

The challenge was to find a balance between the home-recording setting and the dynamics of a live band. At Work also showcases an upgrade in both equipment and recording techniques, which helped the band move forward from the somewhat insular 

Serfs of Today.

   B I Z Z A R R E 

Jons - Gutter Master

Jons - At Work On Several Things

1. Trip Ads 

2. In The Yard

3. Gutter Master 

4. So Slow 

5. Equestrian Form

6 .Everything Happens To You 

7. Blood Red LeBaron 

8. D Drum

9. Dobro Genius 

10. At Work On Several Things 

11. Hotel 

12. Retirement 

13. Take Me Along

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