Seattle based musician and producer Jins Palace releases new track


Musician and producer formerly known as Pete Kim releases today a new track for his upcoming series of singles and visuals.

"My inspiration behind "Manic" comes from traditional Korean folk music.

It is a song I am very fond of because of the different sections the song moves through. Ambient and orchestral elements in the beginning, a

hip-hop/trap driven section immediately follows to finish the track 

with electronic music influences.

This song for me also addresses mental health and the struggles some people have staying focused."

Artist, musician, producer, performer, his music is introspective and emotional, it flows from

hip-hop/rap, R&B, electronic, to ambient, and experimenting also with world music.

This allows Jins Palace to work in different fields, a variety of projects with different styles

of music.

It is in Seattle, surrounded and inspired by his friends such as the talented artist KREEA, 

Jamel Moxey, Kung Foo Grip or Falon Sierra where their music not only creates a community,

but a new wave of different sounds in the Seattle music scene.



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