Jimmy Whoo

New video for 'Crusin'aken from new album Motel Music Part II

released 17 March via Grand Ville Records 



Parisian producer and Grand Villle Studio co-founder Jimmy Whoo is set to release the second part to his Motel Music Part I album.

Released on vinyl and digital formats,

Part II presents a new body of work which was written over three months in L.A.

Having already formed a name for himself within the local scene for his unique vision bringing together cult musicians like Myth Sizer and Cool Connection (Jazzy Bazz and Esso) for his label, Whoo has also dedicated focus on his own compositions. ‘Motel Music’ is a perfect example of that dedication and drive, representing his artistic movements.

Dark, filmic moments form the soundtrack of the compilation, weaving together dreamlike visions and haunting mirages of L.A. landscapes and Parisian nighttime glamour.

Having worked with the likes of Bonnie Banane and Lonely Band for Motel Music Part I, Whoo’s latest outing reflects on his soul and jazz influences amongst hip hop elements and modern electronic sounds for an exhilarating new sonic journey.

Motel Music II will be out via vinyl and digital on March 17th.

Jimmy Whoo is a french producer/singer born in Paris in 1988 and also the founder of Grande Ville Studio.

He spent his last years between LA & Paris producing music and traveling.




B I Z Z A R R E 

Jimmy Whoo - Cruisin'

Motel Music Part. II

1. Intro 29th Street

2. Cruisin

3. Diamond

4. Jimmy Whoo ft. Sabrina Bellaouel & Loubenski 

Nite Eye 

5. Wildcats

6. Hold Tight

7. Jimmy Whoo ft. Sabrina Bellaouel


8. Interlude (Full Moon)

9. Outro

Pre-order 'Motel Music Part. II here



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