Australian songwriter Jess Ribeiro releases the brand-new track

Chair Stare” plus a video for the track Darjeeling.

 “Chair Stare" is the third single from Jess’s highly anticipated new album LOVE HATE, to be released April 12 via Barely Dressed Records.

"Chair Stare" exemplifies one of the reasons Ribeiro is such a compelling and extraordinary songwriter – packed full of double and triple entendre, the protagonist addresses a wooden chair assigning it personality, agency and sexuality.  Or maybe not.

“Hard wood, four-legged animal,  you know what I like to do…. I’ve got the chair stare I’ve got the chair stare”

Ribeiro is dead-serious about writing great songs, and LOVE HATE finds her best.  

On “Chair Stare”, staccato synths underpin a driving rhythm section that powers through one of the most undeniable and hook-laden songs of Ribeiro’s career.

Accompanying “Chair Stare” is a rouge music-video directed by Jade Marie Elford and shot on Super 8 camera. The video doubles down on the song’s suggestiveness as it shows a couple

(Jess Ribeiro included) admiring an Eden-like garden in bloom.

Jade explains: 


“The pair come across a dancer and become enamored - struck with lust. There is lots of fanning and some sensual dancing going on. They leave the garden in the nude. Jess suggested the bare bum scene. The best ending!”

Jess goes on to say: 


“In awkward moments a nudie run is always a good suggestion to awaken and excite the air".

On LOVE HATE Jess traverses the landscapes of love: its amorous peaks, its rough rivers, and its dark valleys. Much like a concept album – Jess ponders the metamorphisis of the many stages of love –attraction, passion, infatuation, adulation, longing, submissiveness, and madness. No doubt “Chair Stare” is desire.

Jess Ribeiro is a shape-shifting musical enigma. The near-untouchable quality of her recorded output is astonishingly consistent and the wait for new music is always worthwhile. LOVE HATE 

will be Jess’s third studio album  - produced by Ben Edwards(Aldous Harding/Marlon Williams/Julia Jacklin) and recorded as a 3-piece Dave Mudie(Courtney Barnett)

and Jade Imagine.



Jess Ribeiro - Chair Stare

Jess Ribeiro - Love Hate

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