Avant-electronic artist Jawjaw shares surreal new video for

Worse Than It Seems’ 

Having been ensconced in the studio working on his forthcoming debut album due later this year, London based avant-electronic artist, producer and songwriter, Jawjaw (Andrew Harvey-Gannon) pre-empts the release with a brand new track ‘Worse Than It Seems’ (featuring London-based artist, Tailor, on vocals).

Andrew details the video:

"Worse Than It Seems stemmed from my first writing session with Tailor. Writing sessions can be weird – you sit down with someone you might not have met before, who you may well not even like, and then

you’re just meant to ‘create’.

We had come up with something… it was fine, but it was a bit songwriting-by-numbers – it didn’t seem to come from anywhere real.

So we called time, went for a drink, got to know each other better and agreed to be one hundred percent emotionally honest.

When we came back, the track wrote itself – about that moment when

you first realise that a relationship isn’t just in a difficult patch:

that lurch in your stomach when you know that actually, this could

be the beginning of the end".

While producing, mixing and remixing artists such as Giggs, Zebra Katz, Darq E Freaker and 

Mr Hudson, as well as scoring for feature film, London-based composer and visual artist,

Andrew Harvey-Gannon, has evolved Jawjaw as a collaborative music, film and art project.

Working with inspirational music artists, including Lotti from HaelosPlestedOfei and Matt Woods and award-winning film creatives, including director, Ian Roderick Gray, and visual

effects artists from Wonder WomanBlack Mirror and Alien: CovenantJawjaw has

generated a unique body of work.



Jawjaw - Worse Than It Seems

Jawjaw – Worse Than It Seems

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