London based trio Husky Loops first met at school in Bologna, Italy, Danio (vocals & guitar), Pietro (drums & samples) and Tommaso (bass), fifteen years after, moved to London in order to continue their studies at Music College and the Royal College of Art, at which time they joined forces to form their ultimate creation. 

Following the release of their debut EP earlier this year on Alcopop Records, which gained interest and attention for its unorthodox take on modern rock music, the band went straight back into writing and preparing for their next record. Husky Loops are not ones for convention, and challenge themselves to learn something new every time they rehearse and jam. The band are set on pushing their sound to the sonic limits, twisting and distorting the music they make in order to tell different stories and journey into unexplored territories.

Whilst the band’s sound may feel like it's rooted in pitch-black, industrial realms, Husky Loops’ draw influence from all ends of the musical spectrum, playing with hip-hop arrangements and R'n'B beats in their recording process. The trio find inspiration in everything from impressionist painters and orchestral composers to Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce, whilst also citing their experience of seeing Frank Ocean perform at this year’s Lovebox festival as a very important and inspiring moment.

Recorded at Mushroom Studio in the beautiful northern Italian mountains, Husky Loops forthcoming EP focuses on capturing the group’s striking live energy, exploring new styles and melodic patterns. Whilst musically the EP is based on stomping bass grooves and abrasive repetition, the majority of the record’s lyrics are about love and the many different forms in which it is found.
The first single of EP2, "Girl Who Wants To Travel The World" is about freedom and letting someone you love go, "Fading Out" is about being forced to leave home, whilst Secret "Secret Matilda" is about obsession. Front-man Danio is a firm believer that love today can still be a very interesting concept, if it is revisited with a more modern perspective. 

Husky Loops are a band set on breaking the rules, bending genre boundaries and stepping boldly into the unknown. Their new EP strikes a perfect balance between the unhinged nature of their live shows and the meticulous detail that goes into every one of their studio recordings. It's messy but precise, fierce but mellow, it's open but intriguing.  Far-out apocalyptic arrangements collide with oddball pop structures as the group continues to define and accomplish their incredible musical vision. 


And here you have, just before their show, we had a small talk with them to speak about their new album, we are glad to introduce you to Husky Loops.

Bizzarre: What do you miss the most right now?

Danio: A person I can't say the name of.

Pietro: I miss good questions. 

Tomaso: Bolognese sauce. 


B: If you had the chance to have a open plane ticket in your hands, where will you go?

D: Alaska.

P: Ladakh.

Tom: Japan.


B: Pasta and wine or Fish & Chips and beer?

D: Wine and wine. 

P: pasta and beer.

T: pasta and pasta. 


B: How your life has changed since you first met in Bologna?

D: Well I don't live with my parents anymore. Also, I now make music full time. 

P: I did not expect to be in a band. it's been a crazy journey really. 

T: I drink more tea. I play music all day every day. 


B: You live now in London, tell us, what this city brings to you for inspiration, and what is that special "thing" that makes London special, and that you will never find in another place?


D: London is really expensive so right now I fucking hate it. Something I like of London is the sensation of not being able to leave it. 

P: I came here to pursue Art education and a promise of better work. I was sucked in by London and I am here 8 years later still the same while unreparaibly londonized.  

T: Meeting many people with the same ambitions and interests as me was definitely a key factor. Being in an environment where our dreams can become a career. 


B: In this new EP2 we can hear a more detailed handcraft sound, we really love it, very melodic and still powerful, how do you feel about this evolution in your music? 

D:There was definitely more experimentation in the music production of this record compared to the previous. The first EP was more based on songs, the second one started from music production ideas. But then, I always swing - right now I am going back to focus on songs again. 

P: well we are having fun and we are going deeper in what we are doing and I am glad you can notice it. For me it's a process of discovery and learning as a musician and a communicator - that's what drives me, and I want more of that. 

T: I think we managed to take what we started in the first EP to the next level. At the same time, we are showing a completely new side of our sound - which is what we are developing right now. 


B: You had the chance to record the album in the Italian Mountains, how was it to be back in home and with such a great landscape?.


D: I don't really mind the landscape. The reason why we went there is because Mushroom studio is an incredible studio and Enrico is a talented friend and awesome person to work with.

P: I second that but I did like the mountains. It's good to be removed from the external world. Playing drums knowing to be in a small house lost in dark woods is really something.

T: Great Neve, great wine. 


B: You find inspiration from impressionist artist, also in main stream artists, tell us more about it...

D: I always liked the way impressionist painters interpreted the different lights of the day. I associate music to different lights of the day a lot, and the quick passing of moments and sensations, the volatility of experience resonates a lot in what I think about when I make music. When I write I am keen on capturing a moment, more than telling a story. 

P: The current musical landscape is often seen as terrifying by traditional rock heads. We find this context really exciting instead. We dig a lot of music from hip hop, rnb and electronica these days, and we take most of our inspiration from that.

T: I find collectives like the grime group BBK very inspiring, for how quickly they grew finding a winning formula and managed to hammer the nail on the head repeatedly, not sacrificing their sounds and identity in entering the mainstream. 


B: You were touring recently with Sunflower Bean and The Kills, how was this experience, and how is the tour going with Placebo right now?

D: It was amazing to see people responding very positively to some elements in our live shows, elements that seemed awkward and strange in smaller venues. With the Kills I found out we can play big stages. 

P: A massive learning curve. It's another dimension of performing. You get to share experiences. 

T: it just seems crazy that in only one year we went from small pub gigs to supporting Placebo. The craziest part is how we are growingly comfortable with it. 


B: What is the next for the band? 

D: I have no clue. 

P: we are on stage in 5 minutes.

T: I need a piss.


B: Describe EP 2 with the first 3 things that comes to your heads...

D: red / love / repetition

P: patterns / square / kick

T: travel / obsession / bass frequencies

Husky Loops - Girl Who Wants to Travel the World


Husky Loops


1. Girl Who Wants To Travel The World
2. Re-collect
3. Fading Out
4. Secret Matilda
5. Jam (Bonus Track on vinyl)

Pre-Order here


Husky Loops


set for release October 6th

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