Premiere Hroski

First single of Hroski, in a collaboration with the talented singer Jorina Stamm.


One night during a European tour can change your life. Only one night in Switzerland lead to a series of events which made Hilke Ros decide to follow her own path as an artist after being on the road for years with the band Amatorski. Traveling for hours alone on a train and meeting new people in other countries, made her understand that her quest for musical innovation and her appetite for new technologies could only be fostered in a new solo project. From now on 'Hroski' would be her main focus.

During the heydays of Belgian dream pop band Amatorski, Hilke met the right people at one of the finest Swiss music festivals, One Of A Million Musikfestival in Baden. It meant the start of some years of traveling back and forth between the Belgian and Swiss music scene.

As manager and bass player in a band who was already fond of experimenting across the borders of music and other art forms, the context of a band producing albums started to feel too limited for Hilke's innovative and creative mind. She decided to learn to code, searched a job as a software developer and moved to Switzerland.

Her artist name Hroski appeared for the first time on Amatorski remix album 're:tbc' in 2012, an atmospheric track with lots of organic dreamy layers. Hroski's latest work still uses the same sampling and layer techniques, but with more focus on beats and melodies, reminding of artists such as Sam Gellaitry, Nosaj Thing, XXYYX or Giraffage.

Listening to Hroski's first EP 'Maquettes' feels like a journey traveling back and forth between the dance floor and more dreamy, melancholic moments giving you goosebumps.

Standing out is the song 'Balkan Roads', where Hroski returns to the idea of telling a story together with a singer, Jorina of upcoming Swiss band Ellas.


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