The Copenhagen based Norwegian producer, shares a new video for

the single "Kids"

Hôy la kickstarted her summer with releasing “Kids”, a single which quickly florated around music blogs such as NTS, KEXP, LINE OF BEST FIT and Ja Ja Ja. She followed with her debut

at Scandinavia’s biggest festival Roskilde festival and ØYA festivalen,

both to great critical acclaim. 


The copenhagen based norwegian producer, have previously been praised for her sharp minimalistic visuals and is now back with another astonishing video, presenting dark

and emotional confrontation wrapped in fine lines and architecture.

“I played a concert at Oslo Biennalen previous this year, and they helped me locate some beautiful, hidden gems in Oslo.” 


Kids is more minimalistic than previous releases - a more contemporary take on trip hop.

“I wanted the lyrics to be in focus, and the noise break in the middle suppose to give the listener a wake up call - like, hey, this is important, listen!”

Hôy la has previously explained how Kids is written to one of her good friends suffering from

a mental health dissorder, and how her parents failed to recognize it. Mental health is very frightening for our parents generation, but we’re not that much better ourselves: 

“Its taken me a long time to finish this video - the subject and frames are

so vulnerable to me, but I really wanted to be as honest as possible.

Mental health is still such a taboo topic and there’s a lot of shame connected to taking pills, no pills, psychiatry, psychologists, hospitals etc - i’m trying to be a rolemodel for myself, my friends and fans suffering, but it’s still fucking scary to be honest”. 


In January and February Hôy la is diving into the japanese underground playing 4 concerts

in Tokyo, Kobe and Nagano. “I played there back in October 2018 - the fans

and audience in Japan are such amazing listeners, they are so concentrated and its really special to play there.” Hôy la is also playing in Germany for the first time on her tour. Catch her in Berlin or Leipzig in January. 



17.01 Pracht, Leipzig

19.01 Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin (w. Tuvaband) 

29.01 Eauuu gallery and space, Kobe, Japan

30.01 BNA alter museum, Kyoto, Japan

01.02 Otooto, Tokyo, Japan 

02.02  Neon Hall, Nagano, Japan (w. Exstoa)

05.02 Forest Limit, Tokyo, Japan (w. Exstoa) 

18.02 London (tba)

27.03 Copenhagen (tba)



HÔY LA - "Kids"

Hôy la - Kids

Listen here


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