Hôy la

Releases debut EP X Heads

Will be playing at the Danish festival SPOT in may.

The Norwegian producer and singer Hôy la aka Ingri Høyland is releasing her
debut EP X Heads – a collection of songs with a sharp minimalistic and Nordic expression,
that summarizes Ingris love for electronic music with an experimental approach to writing
and producing music.

X Heads is released digitally and on cassette only.
Over the last year Hôy la has released a bunch of singles, which individually presented
different visual and auditory inspirations. She recently released “Saturday” and “Purple

that represents Ingri's fascination for Japanese art and architecture, where as her firsts

single “Please” presented architectonic aesthetics from Oslo.
Hôy la has produced the EP together with Jonas Wetterslev (The Entrepreneurs, Boundaries).
Jonas’ background in punk and Ingri’s love for soul and electronica has resulted in an EP that
plays with different genres and blends the electronic with the acoustic.
Punk is not only present in the production but also in Ingri’s approach to creating music:

“I’ve learned to say fuck it and just trust my instincts and expression,

my lyrics and melodies.
I like that the music is so immediate and industrial, even though some

might think the mix is quite raw. I want the music and lyrics to be

imperfect, it’s all more real in that way” Ingri explains and continues:
“X Heads represents my most tremendous terrors and desires.

It’s quite difficult to explain, but all the different songs play with unique experiences and woolgathering.

Now that they are being released together as an EP, they represent something new. Together they show how fluctuating we can be as

humans, me and my generation in particular.

The result is experimental pop that combines elements from electronica, trip hop and rock.
Hôy la’s sensitive and intense sound gets new and energetic life when she performs together
with her band. 



02-04 May-2019 - SPOT Festival / Aarhus Denmark



Hôy la - Saturday

Hôy la - Purple

Hôy la - X Heads

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