presents architectonic aesthetics in new video for single "Purple"

Hôy la is the Copenhagen-based Norwegian singer and producer Ingri Høyland. The last

couple of years she has been working on the songs featured on her upcoming debut EP.

Last fall she revealed her very first single, and throughout the summer she has been

touring festivals in Norway and Denmark. New single “Purple” is the latest example of

her unique talent in producing experimenting pop songs.

Hôy la recently ended a small tour in Japan where she and film photographer Jonas Svarstad

recorded the music video for “Purple”. Ingri has been working with a clear vision and

expression for the video and takes you through a palette of minimalistic architecture and urban

spaces around Tokyo. Overall, Ingri is very much dedicated to her work with Hôy la’s visual

identity and she embraces every opportunity she gets to work with her love of colours and

architectonic aesthetics.

Speaking about the video, Ingri says:

“The streets of Japan and the lifestyle of the Japanese are very aesthetic – the orderly streets, people’s pragmatic way of life and of course the architecture is so simple and functional but so beautiful. It’s been a dream of mine to create this music video since I first visited Japan in 2015. My good friend Jonas Svarstad has been able to transform the images in my head, and he understood me when I rambled on about all of my ideas.”


Japanese architecture and art has been a huge inspiration for Ingri, especially the work of famous artist Yayoi Kusama. During a visit to Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo  she experienced Kusama’s work for the first time, and when she started reading more on Kusamathe Infinity Mirror Room stood out to her. In this work of art the physical objects of a room is merged with the beholder in a dynamic interaction between reality and fantasy - object and subject. Hence, it will be a different experience each time a new person enters the room:

Kusama is brilliant. When I read about the thoughts behind her works it all made so much sense to me. My lyrics usually come to me quickly without me thinking about what I’m writing. They are somewhat a manifest of my emotions and thoughts. Instead of explaining and narrowing down the themes of the songs, I rather want to invite the listener in to a space,

where they can experience and find their own emotions and thoughts. And if just ten people want to share that space with me, it would be fantastic.”

Hôy la’s music is dark experimenting pop songs with an explosive touch, that you really get to

experience when she performs live. With a full band the songs really shine through in an

energetic rendition of the well-known melodies.




Hôy la – Purple

Hôy la: Spotify

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