Hôy la

Presents her new single "Please"

Norwegian artist Hôy la performs along the border between the acoustic and the electronic. Hôy la’s new single ‘Please’, is a track made up by samples from a Chinese
folksong from 1972 and a recording from an old piano from the artists’ childhood home. After five months of 
persistent emails and phone calls to the record label In Malaysia,

Ingri Høyland Kvamstad finally got the rights to publish the track.

As Kvamstad expresses:


“When you don’t have 10 people in a grand record label clearing your rights, you gotta do it yourself!”


The track is produced by Jonas Wetterslev and mixed by  Jakob Brøndlund.
The music video for ‘Please’ is instructed by the artist and filmed by film photographer

Jonas Svarstad.
The video plays with colors and esthetic scenography along Oslo’s architecture and
balances thematically between the polished/pure and the surreal/somber.

The music video is a continuation of the single’s lyrical universe, which surrounds lovers,
friends and family’s dreams and expectations for one.

They can be rewarding and romantic but also suffocating. When is a dream your own and when is it really someone else’s?.



Hôy la - Please

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