HÔY la

Hôy la releases new dreamy and minimalistic single called ’Kids’ and honors her generation of young people struggling with mental health issues.

As she clearly sings ’the kids are not okay’ Hôy la explains;


”Actually, I have written this song to the parents of one of my good friends, as I witnessed over and over again how they failed to notice how their

son was struggling.

Mental disorders effect people so variously, but very often you can’t notice it on someone’s appearance or looks, that’s why it is so fucking important to ask how people are actually doing.”


Kids is a minimalistic track, where bass and vocals play the main characters. The single is the first from Hôy la’s collaboration with experimental producer and composer Anders Bach (Bisse, Sleep Party People etc):

“We wanted to keep the production and mix as minimalistic as possible, to maintain the honesty and vulnerability of the lyrics and vocals which I had recorded on my phone” says Høyland about the process and promise more new music coming in 2019.


Hôy la will play with her band at Roskilde Rising stage, 01 July 9.30 PM or in Oslo at ØYA club-night at BLÅ 06 August. Øya Festival and Roskilde Festival, being the biggest festivals in Scandinavia will without saying be an important step for Hôy la.



Hôy la – Kids


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