Launches new Cornwall-based record label to support local scene and shares new single "Never Knowing" from forthcoming label compilation due out April 18th.

Following on from the release of her EP 'Tears At My Age' earlier this year via

Ex-LocalHockeysmith has shared a new track "Never Knowing"


The track features on 'EEL.COMP1', a compilation album from new record label EEL set up by Annie Hockeysmith (Hockeysmith) & Lukasz Kucharski (omoo), which celebrates and

features artists connected to the new Cornish underground scene and is set for release 

April 18th.

With a sound self-described as Kylie on acid, or Cocteau twins at a techno rave punctuated by melodic hooks and lyrics aching with childish naivety, Hockeysmith's new single showcases Annie's eccentric electronic pop wonderfully. 


EEL is a music label. The need for a new kind of sound, a new beat and new noise. It’s a chance to celebrate and promote the friends and collaborators of Annie Hockeysmith and Lukasz Kucharski (omoo), who founded the label.


EEL intends to broaden the scope of listeners to the Falmouth electronic music scene through their independent label that lays homageto the history of Cornwall’s rave scene, and the likes of Aphex Twin, John Peel and Luke Vibert. It is a coming together of artists to heighten the senses of the listeners of electronic music, and to draw in those yet to discover the

groove and move of the electronic EEL beat.

EEL recordings takes its name firstly from Earth, from Cornwall. The second E stands for eel, for the eely, slimy, grimy electronic music. The L is for Loop, the repetitive cylinder of sounds and for the loopy musicians soon to be on the label.


14th April – Thekla, Bristol (TVAM Support)
26th May – Poltimore Festival, Cornwall
10th August – Boardmasters, Cornwall





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