Hobby Club release cheerful lament ‘Bedroom’ from
debut EP out 8th March on Heist or Hit.

Jangle-pop duo Hobby Club release their cheerfully melancholic single ‘Bedroom’ from their first EP ‘Video Days’ released 8th March on Manchester tastemaker label Heist or Hit 

Inspired by Arthur RussellThe Beach Boys and Kate BushBeth Truscott and Joe Rose’ssound is as unique as their vision of the world – sharing an unusual eye condition they only discovered after meeting each other.
Bedroom’, whilst about a bedroom and written in one, was ironically recorded in guitarist. Joe’s favourite childhood venue, an ex-shipyard canteen. Faced with the

             constant threat of closure he describes ‘long nights panic tracking till the sun came                        up toiling away endlessly in the hopes we would finish before the builders

kicked the door in.’ 
A “by-product of a fleeting obsession with 80's children's tv show theme songs, especially Fireman Sam which has the most perfect guitar tone you could ever dream of” ‘Bedroom’ is the demonstration of Hobby Club’s mastery of musical juxtaposition.

Joe considers how: 

“Whenever I dip into the bad times, I always seem to counteract it by writing frustratingly happy songs, maybe in some vein attempt to reinterpret nostalgia into something that doesn't leave a sour

taste in the mouth.”
Deceptively cheery, ‘Bedroom’ is Beth’s personal account of heartbreak: 


“Turning you from a reasonable human being into a crumpled heap of gelatinous matter and tears, incapable of making a phone call or

keeping track of your personal effects.” 
The track’s upbeat façade represents a feeble attempt to remain composed, when actually: 


“Going home to a darkened room becomes the best option after any minor setback whatsoever.” Beth confesses: “this song, in essence, is me ripping

my heart out and showing it to all of you, in the hope that the

person who I wanted to see it the most would.”



Hobby Club - Bedroom


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