Dearest Friend is the first offering from Hemm’s debut EP Space Between Us

coming soon via Smooch Records

Hemm are an electronic duo from Melbourne with a knack for intertwining heartfelt and

honest lyrics and melodies with experimental beats and production.

In its current form, Hemm is embodied by Robert and Juice, one entity split into

two halves and separated at birth.

After many aeons apart, the duo reconnected and began to fuse their contrasting

musical experiences together.

Emerging from different backgrounds in folk and psychedelic rock, the pair

were glued back together over a mutual desire to explore something new.

Thus, Hemm was born. "

Robert Downie and Juice Websterthe pair fuse their contrasting musical past times of folk and psychedelic rock, to produce Hemm. Uncomplicatedly cool, electronic-pop.

The Melbourne pair have a knack for intertwining heartfelt, honest lyrics and melodies over experimental beats and production.

Their debut single Dearest Friend is no exception. The combination of sensitive

lyrics, popping vocals, and warm synth lines draw you in and

swallow you whole. The intricate layers and rhythmic stops hook you in, keep

you guessing and needing more.

 "In our lives we interact with so many people every day. Meetings, classes, workplaces, households, restaurants. Trying to find people to engage in genuine and honest conversation can sometimes seem impossible and a little bit exhausting, especially in these current times.

Everyone has those special friends, though, that keep them inspired and motivated. No matter how much time passes, you know you will always feel re-energized and loved up after spending time with them. This is a song for those special people. 


For the video, we thought it fit to include some of our dearest friends

(Rex, the director/creator/mastermind behind the video also being one of them.) We wanted to create a lush and cosy environment to reflect the warmth and comfort we feel when surrounded by these people.

We love them all very much. "

Rex Kane-Hart - "On the day we got everyone in the zone by lighting the fireplace, burning some sweet scented candles and playing some warm fuzzy ambient music. Gravitating everyone to this beautiful rug next to the fire, which ended up as the focal point for the rest of the clip. It was a very safe and intimate space for everyone to connect with each other. It ended up as the most relaxed game of twister, with sweaty me running around pointing a fancy, heavy camera at it."

Dearest Friend is the first offering from Hemm’s debut EP Space Between Us.

Written as an ode to the friends who inspire you to be better, Dearest Friend

embodies the essence of Hemm; unforgettable electronic music with authenticity and conviction.

A gleaming example of things still to come.



Hemm - Dearest Friend

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