South London band, Groves, deliver yet again a laid-back composition

with ‘Stood Still’.

Self-produced over the Summer, the band’s next single holds onto any glimpse of

London sun, delivering an effortlessly groove led track.

Their second outing on their own imprint LNG Recordings, bringing together their trademark
grooves, textured layers and ethereal vocals, it’s a laid back yet infectious cut from a band

who hone their sound with every track.

The band started out by throwing a string of warehouse parties, aptly titled

‘Late Night Grooves’ which they hosted in various local railway arches across London.

They would play firstly live, which was a competent and considered experience, followed by

playing house and techno records all night.

This balance of the subtle and well rendered live instrumentation and the more visceral and nocturnal electronic elements have become pivotal to their sound.

Groves has seen significant traction with bookings at key tastemaker festivals such as

Midi Festival in France and Live at Leeds, with the return of Late Night Grooves coming in the


Groves are soon to announce a string of UK dates to settle into the Autumn and to

accompany the release.



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