Los Angeles act Good Days Release New Track “Blue”.

Good Days is duo Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova. Funny story, the first time they met was in 2015 at a show in the Lower East Side. They got talking about music and Eric asked Michael

what he was currently listening to, Michael’s had chosen an indie favorite that day, one he

was sure Eric probably wouldn’t know but he was mistaken.


Upon revealing the music selection for the day, Eric stares in disbelief. Michael even pulls out his phone to prove the cover art was still there. Still in awe, he finally says, “I was in that band.” The moment both awkward and awesome would be the start of something unexpected.


Over the next year they continued to stay in touch, hanging out every few months, always talking about our favorite songs and artists -- discovering in that time, that they both had a huge love

for the sounds of the 60s and 70s; those songs that poured out joy so effortlessly. Eventually Michael mentioned he played a little music and that he had a few guitar riffs he’d been

messing with, and without hesitation, Eric extended a gracious invite to his studio to

play around with them.


After a few rather surprisingly productive sessions, it’s the end of the summer in 2016, Michael had an idea he wanted to run by Eric. The thought was that the world had enough sad songs in it, it had been a tough year, let’s write music that makes people feel good. Shines a little light on

darker days. Puts a smile where it’s needed. The world needs more good days, and that

evening, Good Days was born. Eric would sing and Michael would write the lyrics.

Together they would cover each instrument as each one of was inspired.


Over the next 9 months we would spend every available Wednesday night in the studio, trying to put the fun and feelings we had into music. It was then that we realized we had an EP in our

hands. It wasn’t the end goal but the end result. Good Days’ debut EP titled Hello was

released on December 7th, 2017 and are currently working on a colorful collection

of singles titled ROYGBIV.


 About ROYGBIV, the band says: 


"We had just released our first EP Hello and while working on new tracks, we started using colored lights in the studio. This was about the time Michael shared with Eric the revelation that he in fact “sees” color

while listening to music with his eyes closed. Something familiar to

the movement of an EQ but more organic and fluid in motion. Color

always varying from track to track.


We recorded the next few tracks with the room filled in RED, ORANGE and YELLOW. Using the color to influence our music style, instrument choice and even tempo. Lyrically we leaned heavily into the psychology

of each color. Finding subject matter and emotions that lived in each

color space. With three tracks complete we decided to commit to

finishing the full spectrum. Each track would take the name of its

respective color and we would release them as a colorful collection

of singles naturally called ROYGBIV.


Our results for ROYGBIV is just one interpretation that’s personal to us. These tracks are what we see, hear and feel in a vast and colorful world".


About 'Blue', the band says:


"Blue is not a sad song. It’s a calming song. A color that represents trust, peace and wisdom to us. It’s broken into three phases. The beginning is all breathing and tempo that brings you in and focuses the mind. The middle shifts to a stream of consciousness where we leave all our worries behind. Finally, we end with respect and restored spirits. Love is the greatest talent you have. Chase dreams, not things. Life is temporary. Essence is forever."



Good Days - Blue

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