GIRL LIKE ME A Short Movie by Lavinia Casaburo​

Girl Like Me


"Girl like me is an abstract journey into the nature, a moment of shared consciousness, a spark of ecstatic feeling between human beings.

Two creatures of the night, when the time is deaf and the city is blind.

Where the stars are born and die.

In the dark where they are alone, free and everything,

Where the time is still

In the dark where they are universe."


Lavinia Casaburo is an Italian thirty years old Video designer

based in London.

She had many years of experience in Design and Motion

Graphics, working closely together with clients, developing and

translating creative ideas into powerful visual experiences.

During her carrier she grew a keen interest in Music-video,

Photography, Advertising and Typography.

After many years in London as a freelancer, She has now decided

to be independent and work just on her own projects.‘Girl like me’

is the first product of this new journey.

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