Garden City Movement is the amazing trio composed by Roy Avital, Yoav Saar and Johnny Sharoni, together they produce a blend of sounds drawn from their diverse cultural worlds; ranging from art-pop to experimental house to horizontally-aligned vibes. Since surfacing at the close of 2013 with their breakout track ‘Move On’, after that Garden City Movement have released ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Bengali Cinema’ EPs, the ‘Modern West’ 12” in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, climbed the Hype Machine Popular Chart with multiple singles, recorded live sessions for Boiler Room, Majestic Casual and FACT, opened for Bonobo, Caribou, Alt-J and played all over the world. The band's music video for ‘Move On’ received a nomination for Best Music Video at the LA Film Festival, won “Best Video of The Year” at the MTV Israel Music Awards and the great video for ‘She’s So Untouchable’    screened at Raindance Film Festival in London.

Garden City Movement - Move On

Recording through 2017 at their studio in Tel Aviv, Garden City Movement took the time to explore their sound as a band.

From the combination of dream-like vocals and cinematic-RnB in singles ‘Slightly All The Time’ ‘Before I Fall’ and ‘A Means To An End’ to the leftfield four-four of ‘Mediterranea’ and ‘Sans Titre’ or the ethereal jazz of

‘I Knew Before I Met Her (That One Day I Would Lose Her)’ and worldly influences of the title track - the heightened craft in their production is firmly felt across the album’s 18 tracks.

“After releasing three EPs, which each had a very tight deadline, recording the album has been a chance to grow. It’s the first time we have been able to really take the time and experiment a lot in the studio; try to develop and deepen our language, come up with new sounds, and take our techniques even further”.-

Garden City Movement

Now Garden City Movement finally comes with their awaited debut album ‘Apollonia’, released this March 16th, 2018 on Night Time Stories, the sister label of Late Night Tales designed for original artist releases. 

The announcement came with the release of new single "Foreign Affair" and for European tour dates. 

We are glad to introduce you with the talented Roy, Yoav and Johnny, who will speak about this new release and their life with Garden City Movement.

Bizzarre: What motivates you the most when you wake up?
Roy: I just love being in the studio, that is the best place in the world to be (besides home with your loved ones) and having the privilege to be in my studio every day, producing albums and making music with my friends as a way of living is just mind blowing. That’s enough motivation for me

B: Something that you would like to erase from the face of the earth…
Johnny: Greed

B: If you can go and travel 5 years into the future what you would like to see?
Johnny: If Tessla’s Mars operation has started

B: Your life after "Move On”…
Roy: Move On was our first release as a band. We really didn’t know what to expect. So of course it exceeded our expectations.
I think it mainly gave us the assurance that we are making something good, and we should keep on doing it no matter what anyone said, perhaps it was, and still is ,one of the main driving forces behind GCM. 

B: What have you learned during all this time?

Roy: I have learned that I’m always changing, and that i’ll never be who I was a year ago, and i’ll never look back and say - ‘oh that was perfect, I wish I could do that again’ I’ll always have regrets when looking back, but still it is important to look forward, create and release albums, not looking for that ‘perfection’ but instead looking for the ‘essence’

B: Apollonia is a a fantastic album, congratulations! It keeps your essence, but with new and amazing details on your sound, 18 songs sounds easy but, was it hard to keep your line and your soul for Apollonia?
Yoav: We worked on this album for more than a year. the first part was hard, we wanted to go deeper with the production and to get new sounds so we had to find it. it took a while but when we did find "the sound" for this new album it was fun and inspiring, personally im proud of this album and really love it.

B: What inspired you the most in the creation of Apollonia?

Yoav: Making this album was a long journey, we made a lot of music so we had to bring new inspirations to the studio every day, we are 3 people that hear completely different music from each other so we had no problem trying a lot of stuff and finding new ways to make music.

B: Basically you came into the studio in Tel-Aviv to record a full album, and you came out with all those great tracks, did you expect to have such a long number of songs for your debut album?

Roy: Actually no. We started fooling around and making beats for the album, and it went so well and fun that we created like 2 or 3 beats every session
and actually loved most of them. Later on, we wrote songs to these beats, and then everything started to fall into place, all those bits and pieces started to create a whole that we loved, an experience that captured that time in our lives. So we did not expect to have such along album at first, but embraced it when it happened and very proud at the album it has become.

B: You are very well known for your music videos, nominated in many channels around the globe and you have won in different awards for your incredible visuals, will you continue that for Apollonia?

Johnny: Yes for sure we always work with our artistic crew and this time we work on something special as the aesthetics is something important and unattached from the band.

B: You are promoters of cultural diversity, something that we can listen in many of your tracks, adopting instruments that assembled makes unique and beautiful songs, what do you think about this era in which the countries are fractured and divided? is music a channel to make this world a better place to live and a good way to unite our cultures?
Johhny: That’s what we hope for. The barriers are falling down and you can reach and touch many people through the internet but the industry itself is not ready or don’t want to accept it they still stuck with their nose up their you know what at the same places the industry has been since the 50’s.get over it industry. 

B: What are you expecting for your European tour?

Yoav: First of all on this tour we are playing tracks from the new album for the first time, so it would be interesting to see the crowds reaction. we love touring and preforming , meeting differentcrowd and making them dance is what its all about.

B: Describe Apollonia with 3 adjectives that marked you the most during the creation of the album…
Bittersweet, Dreamy, Hazy.


Garden City Movement


Late Night Tales

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Tour Dates

Wed 4 April - Moby Dick, Madrid
Wed 5 April - Razzmatazz3, Barcelona

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