Shares new single "Welcome To The Dollhouse"
Debut EP 'Lost In Translation" coming February 1rst

Welcome to the Dollhouse” explores Rose’s mental health journey, weaving in and out of sorrow, vulnerability and an inability to understand those feelings, ultimately culminating with a brief stay in a psychiatric ward. The lashing of guitar and the percussion’s dizzying haze intensify the sense of dread and self-medicating harm, lingering in splintered echoes in her vocal and rumbling throughout space and time. 


When she wrote it, she had completely lost herself in the search for acceptance; however, music has allowed her to rediscover the person that she used to be before sinking into melancholia. She wrote the song for anyone who's suffered through that, while seeking the chance to be loved, accepted and wanted for who they are. 


Gabriella Rose is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (just outside of Spokane), and her forthcoming Lost In Translation EP was produced by Chris Molitor. The diverse songs on the EP wander through the secluded halls of her mind, as she glides through memories of her late grandmother whose life came to an abruptly devastating end, her own independent path into adulthood, and much larger social issues facing the world. Molded in the raw poeticism of Lou Reed and Nico-era Velvet Underground, Rose’s compelling stories come from a deeply broken place.


Welcome To The Dollhouse” follows the EP’s title track “Lost In Translation" that came out in late 2018, both of which tackle heavy issues and themes for someone so young, but then again, Gabriella isn't your average teenager. Having grown up the daughter of a Hollywood eccentric in a dysfunctional family, she became hyper-aware of relationships and her place within them from an early age. Her roots inject even more piercing context to her forthcoming Lost in Translation EP.


Her voice houses her turbulent past, the loneliness, the uncertainty, and the gloom. But in analyzing her truth, she comes to shine a light for those who continue to fight for their lives in the shroud of darkness. When left to such devices, Rose is a vision and an artist ready to turn pop music on its head.




Gabriella Rose – Welcome To The Dollhouse

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Gabriella Rose – Lost In Translation

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