New wave band Fremmand (FO/DK) share the video Powder Face from their debut album.

The new wave band Fremmand (FO/DK) is releasing the single Powder Face from their debut album.

Powder Face is about releasing the darkness inside, and the song is a duet between Jana and Tobias. Besides having a long-distance relationship, they have a long-distance band.


Singer Jana Hjalgrímsdóttir lives in the small town of Strendur in the Faroe Islands and the rest of the band lives in Denmark. Fremmand plays new wave with a cool and Nordic sound. The band played several shows in NYC in fall 2018 and is planning a tour on the west coast in early 2020. 


Euan Dickinson (Massive Attack) and Peter Hayes (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) are both featured on Fremmand’s debut album.


The band is recording material for a second album where Richard Fortus (Guns and Roses) will be featured. The past year, the band has toured the US, Germany, Faroe Islands and Denmark.



Fremmand - Powder face

Fremmand - Fremmand

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