Freedom Candlemaker presents the second single and music video 

"Astral Body" from the forthcoming "Beaming Light" LP.

 Directed by the world acclaimed photographer and author, Filep Motwary.

In February, Cypriot composer and producer Lefteris Moumtzis will release his first solo album, under his new moniker Freedom Candlemaker, entitled Beaming Light.

Last month, he shared the first single "Abyssal Sky" and, following that, toured Europe with his friend Joan As Police Woman. Now, he shares the video of the second single off the album,

"Astral body", which will be out digitally December 14 via Inner Ear Records


Of the single Lefteris says:

"With astral body in a way I am referring to something that is found to be hard to obtain, unreachable, but at the same time to the strong desire to reach that state. Under the repetitive robotic patterns it is essentially a song about  transcending oneself, overcoming fear and finding the courage to live up to one's full potential. It's relentless groove is meant to put in a trance and take you on a journey within." 


Freedom Candlemaker's new album Beaming Light is the culmination of his extensive musical journey and is aiming to reach far and wide and make his music known to an international audience.

Beaming Light marks a departure from the artist's previous output both sonically and symbolically: it is a radiant album that doesn't carry the deep melancholy of his earlier work. Delving into uncultivated sonic areas, he finds a perfect balance between dense synth and

guitar-based arrangements and his insightful song writing, within a dreamy and

nostalgic scope.

In Beaming Light, Lefteris is seeking to reach a harmonious connection between past and

future, childhood and adulthood, earthly and divine. 

The main thread of the record consists of themes of spirituality, empathy and achieving peace

with one's inner being, through constant change and reinvention. 



Freedom Candlemaker - Astral Body

Freedom Candlemaker – Beaming Light

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