Release new single 'What am I to do (WAITD)'

A solo project that started in his bedroom 5 years ago, John will tell you ‘It’s about time I released these songs’. With a classical guitar upbringing and a love for classic and indie rock, John strings together catchy, neo-psychedelic tones with a glimpse of the soulful classic rock on which he was raised. 


When offered the opening slot for Said the Whale on their ‘As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide Open’ tour, John contemplated the idea of a music career. When life brought him

to the UK, his love for Brit Pop allowed him to shine as a solo artist playing intimate venues around the U.K. Upon a move to Toronto, John adopted the moniker

Frank Mighty’s Hotline, and, quickly, the commercial potential drew comparisons to

Bon Iver, The War on Drugs, and Glass Animals.


With poignant songwriting, catchy hooks, his gritty, soulful vocals is available for all ears come the release of his first single, Intertwined, since November 15, 2019, followed by the release of What am I to Do.

"Living with someone and actively making the effort to spend time together are different things. I’ve been lucky to have these people in my life since moving out nearly a decade ago, and whether you live with your significant other, or your pals, having someone to come home to is lovely. When they’re gone, your space feels larger and emptier, you feel their absence the most. The same thing applies to traveling pals, you become so close, spend so much time together, when it’s time to separate, it can be tough. I wrote WAITD thinking about them."



FRANK MIGHTY'S HOTLINE - "What am I to do"

Frank Mighty's Hotline - What am I to do (WAITD) 

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