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"To Be" was one of the first song written for Foxwarren project. Talking about this song, Darryl says: 

« We threw it together and we ended up reworking it in a drastic way on the week end of the recording. »

« It was a guitar riff that I used to play for some years, I didn’t really know what to do with » Andy Shauf adds. « There were quite a few versions, If I recall. Foxwarren have the bad habit of never finishing vocal melody and lyrics before finishing the music. This made the task a little bit tricky, and so the song was revised at the last minute. » 


Foxwarren project is ongoing for now a decade. Shauf brings back memories of the album release:

« It took a lot of time and efforts to create this album; We spent so much time on it, I think everyone is really proud of the result. I had a full tour and recording agenda these three or four last years, we thus put on a hold Foxwarren’s album for a while. We had such a great time making this album. We all tried to do something better than we did before. I look forward with eager expectations to share it with the whole world! It’s been about 10 years that we are a band and we never released an album, that makes it such a exceptional moment for the four of us. »




Foxwarren – Foxwarren

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