Finn Andrews (The veils) unveils new video for the track "One by the Venom" from his debut album "One Piece At A Time" Available now via-Nettwerk Music Group.

Since a first contract with a record company signed at the age of 16, Finn Andrews and his band The Veils have released five albums, toured in the second season of David Lynch's Twin Peaks series, and several of their songs have been part of the soundtracks of series or films, including

Tim Burton and Paolo Sorrentino. 

It was while writing the 2016 album Total Depravity that the New Zealand musician realized that a new period of his life was beginning to take shape. After a breakup, Andrews moved away from London and the Veils to New Zealand and started working on his first solo album,

One Piece at a Time.  
The songs in this album are more personal and introspective than Andrews' previous work, an approach that was not necessarily deliberate but rather the result of circumstances.


"It's much more autobiographical than I expected. The last Veils album was written from several points of view; I always liked to put myself in someone else's place - a truck driver, an axolotl - but this album has a lot more... of me, actually. My work has always been personal, so it's about getting the same thing but in a different way, I guess. Honestly, I don't know exactly why this time it's different, or why these songs have a different feeling,

but that's the way it is".
Andrews also admits that their arrangements make it less possible to hide behind them, which highlights it differently. Dominated by Andrews' voice, the ten tunes firmly place him in the foreground.

This album is one of the deepest and most intimate works ever produced by Andrews. It was recorded entirely live at The Lab studio in Auckland, and mixed and co-produced by

Tom Healy (Tiny Ruins).


The group is composed of Finn Andrews on vocals, piano and guitar, Cass Basil on bass and double bass, Alex Freer on drums, Tom Healy on guitar, Reb Fountain and Nina Siegler

on choirs, and Victoria Kelly in charge of sprawling string arrangements.



Finn Andrews - One by the Venom

Finn Andrews - One piece At A Time 

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